What's inside a 15, 20, 25, 28 and 32 Kelly? Do come and see.

  1. just read through this entire thread, how delightfully informative and what amazing comparison photos! Thank you OP :smile:
  2. I was offered a K32cm Feu GHW Sellier in Epsom and it is a lot of bag. I am 5'8'' medium built and I felt the bag was carrying me instead of the other way around. Do not get me wrong, it is a stunning bag but I am not was not the right owner for it. A Sellier bag at that size and color tends to bet a bit formal and I am quite a casual person.
  3. Just noticed that you are considering a Black which in that case is less of a imposing bag. Very chic I may add.

  4. Is your Kelly Bleu de Prusse?!
  5. I believe so, yes :smile:

  6. I have the exact same in 32! We're twins
  7. Oh really - that's great! :hugs: I've not come across another one before. I love mine so much!
  8. Very informative thread! I just got my first Kelly, a K32 retourne Togo rouge garance phw, and am a bit afraid of overstuffing it. I tend to carry quite a few things for work. My Kelly isn't stuffed to the brim, but there is a slight bulge when it is closed. Just wondering if this would affect the shape of the bag with continued use, given that it is in a softer leather, as opposed to box or Epsom? With all the pressure being placed on the turnlock, the Kelly sure does feel a lot more delicate than the Birkin!
  9. @adguru, I hope you take a look at the first few posts of this thread which will likely help you decide on which size Kelly would better suit your needs. :flowers:
  10. Bumping this old thread to share what fits in my retourne Kelly 25 and Kelly 28
  11. This is such an informative thread! I am thinking of 28cm lately and this is so helpful! Many thanks to the kind-hearted TPFers who have contributed and shared!:heart::tup:
  12. Thanks very much for bumping the thread and sharing! Do both 25 and 28 fit a Kelly long (or Dogon or similar-sized long wallet)? Thanks!
  13. Sorry I can't be of much help as I've never owned any long wallets. But it seems that one would fit per @chincac post here.
  14. Thank you for the reply! Pretty impressed how much 25 holds... now I can't decide to go down to 25 or 28 next (from 32)...
  15. Thank you so much. Very helpful. I'm debating between 25 vs 28. I wonder if 25 will look too small on my tall frame but it certainly is cute!

    Great thread from 2008! Wow.