What's inside a 15, 20, 25, 28 and 32 Kelly? Do come and see.

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  1. I hope these pics are of help to some of you contemplating different sizes of Kelly’s. After posting on Elena’s thread re: 25cm sellier Kelly, I have decided to take a look at what I normally carry.

    So here come the contestants:
    15cm retourne, 20cm sellier, 25cm sellier, 28cm sellier, 28cm retourne, 32cm sellier, Kelly Elan
    A family photo of what I normally carry:

    Orange Plastic bag to protect my Kelly in case of rain
    Scarf in a zip lock bag
    Black box travel wallet
    Digital Camera
    Rose Shocking Passport Holder
    Sun Glasses
    Lilac Agenda
    Barenia pouch for makeup, comb, tissues, mints and keys
    Jaune GM clarissa as a wallet
    Vibrato coin purse
    Vert Anis coin purse
    Rose Shocking mini frame
    Mobile phone
    DD’s Anpanman book
    Hand cream
    DD’s moisturizer

    Inside my barenia pouch:

    DSC_0006_edited.JPG DSC_0003_edited.JPG DSC_0009_edited.JPG DSC_0010_edited.JPG DSC_0011_edited.JPG
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  2. Thanks for doing this LTC, I've always wondered about the 15 & 20. BTW are these sizes PO'able?
  3. Nice collection. These bags can certainly hold more than what the eye thinks. Thanks for sharing.
  4. 15cm retourne. To be honest, this bag is more for dd. I don't really use it.

    DSC_0013_edited.JPG DSC_0014_edited.JPG
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  5. 20cm sellier

    DSC_0015_edited.JPG DSC_0016_edited.JPG
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  6. MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
  7. Fantastic!!! What a great shot, and fantastic family photo!
    Lovely bags, LTC.

    the 32 sellier looks GIANT next to her little sister!

    and....ohhhh....the barenia pouch!!
    thanks for this!
  8. 25cm sellier

    IMG_1650_edited.jpg IMG_1652_edited.jpg
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  9. Coleigh, S’Mom, Cobaltblu – I am really glad that this is of interest.

    Medusa -Here in Japan, 20cm are available on the shelves at the H boutiques from time to time. As to 15cm, they are rare.
  10. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I died! So much eye candy!
  11. This is awesome and must be made into a sticky in the reference section~:tup:
  12. It’s rather late now, so I will post the rest tomorrow. Stay tuned for more.
  13. Thanks LTC! Good night!
  14. Fantastic LTC. Adore your Quelle Idol!!
  15. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to do this! Fabulous presentation!