whats in stock at Balenciaga NY???

  1. Hey Balenciaga girls....

    I just got to work and this was waiting in my INBOX for me! :amuse: Just thought i'd help anyone out whos looking for their first bag or second one ....eg/ cristina with her white city! hehehe! ;)

    i'm still tossing up between chanel and another b-bag! :shame:

    Currently In Stock:
    First: Black, White, Grey, Magenta, Bleu, Ice Bleu, Lilac, Rose, Rouge,
    Origan, Metallic Rose, Dark Denim w/Marron Leather Trim
    City: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Ink, Lilac, Rose, Dark Denim w/
    Marron Leather Trim, Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim
    Twiggy: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Ink, Emerald,
    Day: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Rose, Bleu, Ice Blue, Ink, Dark Olive,
    Magenta, Rouge, Metallic Rose, Metallic Silver, Dark Denim w/Marron
    Leather Trim, Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim
    Work: Black, Origan, Dark Caramel, Emerald, Rust, Rouge, Metallic Rose
    Weekender: Black, White, Grey, Chocolate, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Lilac, Dark
    Carmel, Emerald, Rust, Dark Denim w/ Marron Leather Trim
    Messenger: Black, Grey, Dark Olive, Teal, Chocolate
    Box: Black, White, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Dark Denim w/Marron Leather Trim, Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim
    Shopping: Grey, Bleu, Ice Blue, Calcaire, Rouge
    Purse: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Ink, Rose, Dark Olive
    Shrug: Black, Grey, Dark Olive, Wine, Calcaire, Magenta, Rouge, Bleu La Pouchette: White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Ink, Rose
    Clutch: White, Grey, Origan, Ink, Magenta
    Wallet: Black, Grey, Origan, Chocolate, Ic Blue Mini Wallet: Black, Grey, Origan Coin Purse: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Dark Olive, Chocolate, Wine, Calcaire
    Hook Everyday: Black, White, Grey, Bleu, Rose
  2. Ooooooh, black city...white city:amazed: :love: !
    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. OMG! Thank you! I thought they didn't have a black City. Cristina, here's your chance, get the White City..he, he, :biggrin:
  4. What's the return policy at the Balenciaga boutique? Store credit only?
  5. Their receipts state: "Full price merchandise will be considered for exchange within 10 days when accompanied by original receipt."
  6. Thanks, Helen! I appreciate the info!
  7. Thanks, Helen! :nuts: I just wish I wasn't so on the fence about it, since their return policy is exchange only. The emerald twiggy sounds :love:
  8. oooh! This is dangerous. I'm going to pretend that I didn't read this post about their stock (Yeah right!!!). :nuts:
  9. Where did my manners go? Thanks for the update, Helen.

    Christina, I saw the emerald twiggy in person at Bal NY on Friday. I initally put my name on the wait list for the emerald twiggy. Then I took it off and put myself down for a cognac twiggy instead. I was hoping that I would love the cognac as I'm looking for a rough and rugged color to add to my collection. I wasn't completely sold on it though and I decided to hold off and give my decision a little more thought.

    As far as the emerald goes, I liked it more than I expected to. The initial photos from the Brown's website were less than impressive. In the end I decided that I was going to pass on the twiggy and wait for the box to arrive instead. I also tried the emerald in the hobo style, and after seeing the color in the twiggy and the hobo, I reached the conclusion that I personally prefer it in the smaller styles. It's a fairly bright color, and I think it makes a bigger impact in smaller doses.

    ETA: I also looked at the box in white for a size comparison, and I LOVED it. The leather was thick and soft and amazing. And the bright white color was terrific. Go for that white city!
  10. no worries everyone! :smile:
  11. What the hell - what's up with the calcaire and ice blue inventory - I called them months ago and they gave me the big "hell no sister" on those 2 colors.


    Argh - thanks Helen for the update I am going to go and see what I can sell now - anyone need a husband?? :P (he doesn't eat too much.)
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: how much are you going to sell your husband for??

    I dunno whats up with the inventory - but thats what was attached at the bottom of the email i got :amuse:
  13. Dagnabbit. Now I need to sell something too. I'm really wanting that City in origan.
  14. Thanks for the info, HelenNZ!
  15. what's a shopping bag? dont think that's the same as shopper... too bad the purse doesn't have any colors i want, except for the rose. maybe.