What’s everyone’s opinion about this as a wedding ring ?


Sofa King Banned
Feb 11, 2016
I’ve been given the privilege of being in the process of choosing my wedding ring. I’ve looked at many fell in love with the yellow gold one first. But after trying on and seeing the Tiffany one I like it more and i also I feel it won’t ever clash with my other rings (which are very big and detailed). My mother said the Tiffany one is too plain nothing special but I reallyyy don’t think so. I am very torn apart between the two.. the yellow gold zolotas one is exactly my aesthetic but the Tiffany seems more practical and its pretty. IMG_7344.JPG IMG_7346.JPG


Miserable AF
Aug 2, 2017
The first one. The Tiffany one isn’t plain at all. The gold one doesn’t look like an engagement ring to me but would make a lovely right hand ring. But, again, go with your gut and what you love.


Oct 14, 2013
It's always fun to get excited about wedding rings. I was able to pick out my own wedding ring as well and here are some things you may want to think about.

1- Do you plan on wearing this ring 24/7 or will it be something you put on for special occasion? If 24/7 you may want to consider that the girdles of the little diamonds are possibly going to eat in to the metal of your e-ring if you wear them on the same hand and cause damage unless you wear a small spacer.

2-Or do you plan on wearing it on the opposite hand as your e-ring? If so, then you won't have to think about diamonds eating in to another ring but then just consider the dirt and grime factor (washing dishes, or doing laundry or gardening, etc...if you don't plan on taking it off...) the little stones do stand a chance of coming loose and needing replacement.

I picked a delicate hand carved band for my wedding ring. I don't even wear it now because it is too delicate (and doesn't match my current set anyway) and I mainly wear a plain band unless I am going out then I wear either my 5 stone anniversary ring with my e-ring, an antique Victorian band or a channel set diamond band to dress it up. I do wish when we had gotten married that I had thought all this through and had him use just the plain band that day for the wedding. All the pretty blingy rings could certainly have been added on later.....but that's just me.... As it now, I feel like a heel a lot because the one ring that COULD have been used and worn continually was the one I added on later and not used in the ceremony at all....which kind of defeats the purpose of the original sentiment, IYKWIM, but well, a ring is a ring. I wear one on the correct finger and everyone knows I am married.

As for which one has more of a wedding ring look- If I were in your place, I'd go with the Tiffany and wear it on the other hand as a stand alone ring, and get a small, plain band for the actual ceremony so you could have 2 rings, a daily and a dress up. :smile: You can wear them all together on the day, if anyone questions the sentiment.