What you Gave Up for a LV?

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  1. almost nothing, since I didn't spend much money alltogether on:

    eating out (never did in high school)
    coffee (don't like the taste :P )
    smoking (ewww never did and never will)
    going out (what's the point of a 10$ drink tasting like alcohol, I don't like alcohol too much, too loud music...)
    cars (never had one and I'm not planning on one as long as I live near public transports)

    I only used to buy higher priced clothing back then when not into designer bags, now I buy high street, but am in the process of going back to higher priced stuff since high street has crappy quality...
  2. my sanity:P
  3. OMG...hilarious! :nuts:
  4. Food!!!
  5. I sold a lot of my Coach bags after I quit working there, to fund my LV addiction, then I stopped going out 3x/week, cut it back to once a week. Then I got into Hermes and sold ALL of my bother bags except like two LVs to get my first H piece, and now... :girlsigh:
  6. LVoe it!!!! :yahoo:
  7. I cut back on buying cheaper bags because I would wear them a few months then give them away. I also stopped buying a lot of clothes and things that I didn't need. Started taking my lunches to work most days.
  8. I gave up going out for 2 weeks. I was REALLY bad! I bought a Damier azur speedy 30....A poch cles in Amarante......AND CHANEL SUNGLASSES! BUT I AM VERY LUCKY I WORK FOR NEIMAN MARCUS!!!