What you Gave Up for a LV?

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  1. For those of us who have to save up a year for a bag, what sorts of goodies did you guys give up on to buy your LV?

    I'll start....

    1) no more coffee from starbucks or dunkin donuts
    (this was really hard, somehow making it yourself just ISN"T the same, I know it's a mental thing but it just doesn't taste as good lol)

    2) no more scrapbooking stuff (I had this addiction for a strange reason for luxury gift wraps, boxes and just scrapbooking stuff)

    3) eating out (I eat out only once a week now vs eating out all the time before with my DH and friends)

    4) makeup (I had to say, enough is enough, I don't really need 15 different lipglosses all in the nude shimmery pinky shade lol - BUT MAKEUP IS SOOOO FUN!)

    5) Shoes (I bought only 3 pairs of shoes this year, vs my usual once a month deal - no matter how cheap they were)

    ok that's all I can think of - it's been a tough year but
    because of all the skimping here and there, I bought myself
    a LV gold limelight, I LOVE HER and she was worth every penny!
  2. all of mine have been gifts thus far :graucho: but being that my obsession can not be satisfied even so, i've been TRYING to save :crybaby:and it's SO HARD! for one, i don't go out with my friends on the wkends~ no dinners or nights out. it's always blockbuster nights with the bf :hysteric::lol:

    and i hear you on the lipglosss thing! no more chanel glossimers or dior addicts for me...
  3. I am with you on the Coffee thing.. I still can't give it up but I have switched from Grande Skim Latte to regular coffee to save a buck or two each day.

    I also started bringing my lunch to work at least 3 times a week. which saves me at least $10 a day b/c I work in NYC. I also bring my breakfast too... I hard boil eggs in the a.m. and bring them in instead of buying them for $0.55 each.
  4. lmao... make freinds pay for my food!
  5. I've been trying to save up for a Cartier watch but keep buying LV handbags instead. So I guess it's the watch I'm never gonna have that suffers most! :nogood:
  6. husband, the bags are cheaper!
  7. I give up my Coach bags, as in I get a new LV, I have to sell a Coach or two in exchange. One to make room in the closet and two to off set the price a bit.
  8. I would have to go with the make-up. I bought lesser lip-glosses and instead of branded compact foundation, I bought pharmacy ones. And I definately cut down on the number of bags (other brands) , since I've already got LVs. :lol:
  9. I cut back on EVERYTHING. I spent less money on food/eating out, and cut back a LOT on clothes. Now that my bag addiction has leveled to a controllable level, I am back to clothes shopping crazy again.
  10. I used to spend a lot on trying things out- cosmetics/ shoes/ food. Now I know what I like/dislike and try to only buy what I'll use or need. I get paid for overtime work so if there is something I want I can do some OT and save up for it.
  11. I sold all my Burberry bags/wallets and Coach bag/wallet!
  12. back then lol I gave up everything for LV EXCEPT for the following:

    Makeup, skincare, coffee, and FOOD. These are my essentials.

    Now, I'm giving up LV for something else. I've been hoping for this 'event' for years...
  13. I was determined to get a second LV (used) so I auctioned off a dozen handbags sitting in my closet. It didn't take a year tho, more like a month...

    I've definitely given up many luxuries over the years so we can afford my staying at home with the children -- mainly clothes shopping, eating out, ordering in, movies, vacation, salons, basically everything -- so getting a LV is a pretty major undertaking! It's the one thing these days that seems to keep me "style-happy" no matter what the day brings, so it's worth it.
  14. Well... I never really had to give anything up... I just save money back from each pay check, so the only thing I can't do is splurge on random crap for a month or two. lol
  15. Hmm...giving up LV and waiting for July... Is someone getting something in an orange box?

    As for what I gave up, I have cut WAY back on makeup purchases, shoes (five pairs of running shoes is enough, right? Especially when I can only wear them in the evening.), and I have stopped buying clothes unless it is something I really need or will get a ton of wear out of. I finally got a good work wardrobe built up, so now all I buy are t-shirts at Target for casual wear and new camis to wear under my suit jackets. I try to add a couple of cashmere sweaters during the cold weather season so I can stop buying lesser quality sweaters that end up wearing out, but now that it's summer I am off the hook! But I need to stop buying LVs so I can pay my med school application fees!