What you Gave Up for a LV?

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  1. I started riding public transportation to work instead of driving everyday.
  2. I'm very lucky! I only started buying LV after I landed my first full-time job, before that I was already being very stingy with myself (no outside food, no movies etc) because I was spending all my money on investments. Now that I'm full-time, I still save for investing, and I still don't eat out or go to the movies, but I do buy LV with the little bit of extra I allow myself now :smile: I get a lot of co-workers wondering why I still "live" like a uni student, but I'm actually very comfortable like this :smile: I've never been the sort to buy coffees or eat out much so I don't miss anything :smile:
  3. Basically clothes.....I use to buy alot of clothes but would end of not really wearing them or keeping some for years on end with no real use....so I think that getting LVs and using them as much as I do is better....

    And the good thing is that like many of you...I think about not spending on frivious things to save more for LVs.....like more lipglosses or more black pumps..etc....nothing I really miss anywayz...it works out well!!!!
  4. For me basically, it's been all the bags in my collection that I was really on the fence about.
    I sold off (and I'm sure MANY TPFers would agree with this) a bunch of Moni Moni bags in order to fund my beautiful LV Mono Speedy 35 that I JUST came home with not two minutes ago (and I'm ALREADY on the computer!!! :hrmm:).
    After leaving the store I'm CONVINCED I now need to sell more stuff on eBay to fund even MORE LV purchases in the future.
    Oh - and I sell a lot of my Mom's estate stuff (she passed away several years ago) so that sees some nice funds every now and again.
  5. ~I'd just pick up extra call shifts at work to fund my Louie. So no relaxation for me if I've a bag in mind:nogood:!! NO rest for the weary:Push:~
  6. No giving up- just started using coupons for regular household items & food.
  7. - cutting down on my shoes purchase
    - not buying any other bags
    - cut down on my diamond purchase
  8. I sold ALL of my Coachies (which was quite a collection) to fund a Dior, 3 Rebecca Minkoffs, and of course 2 LVs :heart:
  9. Well, i'm giving up a good portion of my non-LV bags so I can put that money towards my next LV.
    I also have cut back spending on clothing drastically this year, and when I do decide to buy a piece of clothing I make sure it's not too trendy!
    Saving my pennies also helps:P
  10. One time near my birthday we were walking down Rodeo and my husband pulled me into Cartier and asked if I wanted a LOVE ring as a birthday present. I thought about it and since I already wear my wedding ring and also a ring on my right-hand, I really had nowhere to put it so I told him I wanted to go to LV instead.

    So I guess I gave up a Cartier Love ring!
  11. well i havent realy cut back on much...but

    i did the math and IF i did (which I CANT) cut back on coffee id save about 1500! a year....those large 4.25 dollar iced caramel lattes everyday add up!!!
  12. I haven't really given up on anything. In fact, the more LV I buy, the more clothes and shoes I wanna get (to match). I'm outta control! LOL
  13. Other cheaper handbags and tried to buy less clothes.
  14. Wow where do I begin? First, I was putting premium gas on my economical 4-door car even though it can run just fine on regular gas. So, I switched to regular. I buy toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. at either WinCo or Wal-Mart where I can get them super cheap. I only buy clothes when they're on sale (at least 50% off the retail price) and get this, I wash my clothes on either delicate cycle or light-wash to reduce wear and tear. Since weight lifting is my hobby, I only buy my protein powders during BOGO sales once a month at GNC. Yet, I do not hesitate even for a slight second to drop $$$ on a new LV bag that makes my heart jump. I feel such a dork!
  15. Cut back on Starbucks and stopped impulse shopping for awhile. One day I just realized how much clothes I had that still had tags on them and yet I still shopped for more..geez!