What would you do about the FAKE LV GUY?

  1. There's this guy with some sort of rolling cart apparatus that I see everyday when I go to my Starbucks. On this cart he has a very fancy boutique; a boutique full of gorgeous LV and Chanel at great prices......NOT. The bags are hideous, and everytime I pass by him, there are a gang of eager ladies ambushing him for his pieces. It's funny, I hear him say his price, then when the ladies protest and say it's too high, I hear him say, "This really costs over $900, so you're getting a deal".
    Sometimes I stand by and watch. Sometimes I slow down my walk to see what kind of crap he has on his cart. And lately, I give him a snarl. You know, I'm not a mean person, but I want him to know I don't like what he's up to. I always have one of my LVs with me, and I makes sure he sees it. I guess it's my way of saying, "My LV mocks you fake LV cart man". I want him to know that there are people out there not interested in his goods. But the worst part of it is, I sometimes see the ladies around his cart looking at me as if I had bought of his purses. One of them even asked if thay have one like mine. I almost responded and said, "Yeah lady, walk down Michicgan Ave. to Louis Vuitton".
    So here's my question: Today when I went to Starbucks, I saw more ladies than I've ever seen there. I got super livid.:mad: I was mad that he was making all that money. So, what would you guys do with this man???
  2. If you feel like it you could contact Starbucks Corporate and let the corporate office know that someone who is engaging in copyright infrigement is on their property..
  3. Can you report him to the nearest LV store??? Surely they would be interested.
    I wouldn't say anything to him ( about reporting him etc.) though as you never know- he mightn't be too happy. ( I'm a paranoid person!:lol: :lol: )
  4. Yes, I wouldn't confront him, you never know what he'll do.
  5. I definitely wouldn't confront him but I'd let both the LV store and Starbucks know.
    I laughed at your description.."some sort of rolling cart apparatus." Heehee.
  6. I would just quietly report him. Call LV as they have a corporate division that handles this stuff. Give them all the details. I would also do what the other poster suggested, call starbucks.
  7. I've seen those "rolling cart aparatus" guys walk right by the LV store in NYC. They hang out in that neighborhood and go back and forth on 5th. I don't think LV (or the cops) do anything about them.
  8. "my lv mocks u, fake lv cart man" LMFAO:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. ugh... i would definitely report him to LV. he's trying to pass off these horrid fakes as authentic, and these ladies don't know any better. they just see that it's a good deal because this guy tells them that.

    it makes me angry that people think they can just do that. i was shopping at the mall once, and this one lady noticed that i was carrying a Prada bag... so she came up to me with her fakes and had the nerve to ask me if i was interested, and that they cost a fraction of the price of the ones at the department stores. i just rolled my eyes and politely told her i wasn't interested in fake merchandise.
  10. ITA:yes:
  11. That kind of thing is everywhere. In NY they do try to shut them down, I guess that's why they are now "rolling" and can make a quick getaway.
  12. I know right? :roflmfao::roflmfao: SO funny.

    Anyway, I would report him, but I certainly wouldn't let him know that I was going to. And you might want to lay low on giving him the evil eye :lol: (even though he deserves it..."yeah this is really 900 so you're getting a deal" ugh!) so that if he gets in trouble, he won't automatically assume it was you. Gotta be careful you know?
  13. :lol: BlueBunny made my day with that one:roflmfao:
  14. That reminds me, one time I was watching Letterman and they were doing a sidewalk thing where he has this camera up on a building with a microphone then yells at people walking by (he's in the studio so no one knows he's there), then he sends his assistant Biff down to actually talk to them. Well once, before Biff went down, there was one of thost cart guys selling bags in the background! No one was buying them thank goodness. Anyway then once Biff came down to talk to someone and the guy realized he was probably on camera, he covered the bags up with a garbage bag and moved somewhere else.
  15. I was put off today too........

    but most of it was fake jewelry & LV purses. In a busy strip mall in Michigan this guy has opened a huge store w/ FAKE Chanel, Tiffany stuff...........

    all kinds of stuff. I was disgusted and can't believe he is able to sell this stuff.

    Just not sure who to call or report him too? I was the only one in there today so I'm sure he won't last long.

    But it kills me when I've paid good money for my stuff and I see rows & rows of fake stuff.

    Just venting................

    I called Tiffany 800# and they said there is really nothing they can do........

    it's just disgusting to see something like this pop up in my neighborhood.