What will you do if this happened to you??????

  1. Agreed! This is completely out of the scope of rude; it's just completely unacceptable behaviour.
  2. Uuuhhhhhh yeah so I don't even know what to say about this to show how disgusting I think that is. I would also definitely keep a watch on any cc's or bank statements...just in case :shocked:
  3. Oh no! That is unacceptable, she must be reported! Even if she really did not have the intention of stealing anything from your purse, she's got some nerve to tell you that LVs are a waste of money, and then get caught snooping around and touching your bag behind your back!! Sounds to me like a hypocritical, jealous liar and possibly a thief!
  4. i'd be so pissed. And I hate to say it, but my first thought was that the snoop was checking to see if you had any prescription pills she could snatch, OP. As we all know, what many people need and use legally is abused by others, and addiction drives people to do foul things.
  5. what your coworker did was totally unacceptable. I would have fired her immediately.

    I once had things stolen out of my bag by a coworker: we were the only two in the shop so when i was missing a bunch of money and a valuable memento, I knew it had to be her. turned out the store had been short of cash several times as well - they just couldn't figure out if someone was stealing or making mistakes and who it was.

    i filed charges with the police because I realized she must have been regularly rooting through all our bags: I don't usually carry a lot of cash and for her to happen to steal from me on the rare instance I had something worth stealing was too much of a coincidence.

    someone said to check your cc and bank statements. i agree, specially if you have anything that has your SSN or account numbers in your bag. cash is not the only thing worth stealing from someone's purse.
  6. Wow. My guess is that she was actually just being nosy. Either about the handbag (checking to see if it was real) or just what you carry. I would really suspect her of doing other things, like rifling through your desk (looking for notes about coworkers, or confidential memos, etc). It's over the top and unacceptable. I would formally write her up with a zero tolerance/immediate termination for next incident involving your - or another persons - entire work area. And file that with HR.
  7. I would report someone going through my bag. I once had a colleague borrow my jacket while I was away from my desk (without permission, and she'd never asked and borrowed it before so she assumed it would be ok on the basis of...nothing), when I came back I had been planning on going out for lunch, but it was cold so I didn't want to go without it. When she finally returned she didn't even apologise and my jacket reeked of cigarette smoke :yucky:
  8. Wow...I could never imagine rifling through my bff's handbag, let alone a coworker or BOSS. I'm glad you reported her to HR...I knew a woman who worked at a hospital and slowly but surely, all the women's purses in the employee room had credit cards stolen out of them. I don't know how the woman thought it couldn't be traced (buying things and sending them to her own house and all), but one of their coworkers was stealing from them. I have no doubt that this woman was attempting to do the same. You're just extremely lucky you caught her in the act...and frankly as a supervisor myself, if I caught someone doing that to my purse (granted, I worked with all men, but still).....they wouldn't be working for me very much longer.
  9. I'm surprised she had the balls to go through her boss' bag! I wouldn't even try to touch a best friend's bag let alone someone I work with who's my superior! Wow.
  10. First off, I don't work in an office. I work in a bar and also do promo modelling so my answer is a lot different because I do not have an HR department and there aren't strict rules of protocol.

    I would probably have sworn at her and told her to get the hell out of my handbag and then told the manager/modelling agency.
  11. I probably wouldn't know what to do in a case like this. It's so unbelievably weird.....
    Did you file a report with HR?