What was your last Ebay purchase?

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  1. It has been a while, but I bought the most amazing string of pink shappaire teardrop beads from a company out of Thailand. I usually buy beads off of Ebay, not much else.
  2. glily, wow, pretty! Are they real sapphires? What will you make out of them?
  3. Yes, real, but rough cut. I bought them specifically for a customer. I made drop earrings for her. She wanted a certain shade of pink and the teardrop shape that was hard to find. The nice thing is that I bought an entire strand and only used 4 of them, so I have the rest left to play with!!
  4. [​IMG]

    I just bought these today. My trip to Prague got me hooked on fuzzy boots :biggrin:
  5. i just bought a dust bag for my Speedy a second ago (mine is vintage and the bag was lost somewhere along the way)
  6. My last purchase, which was also my first purchase was my Uggs and that was over a year ago. Ebay just really isn't my thing.
  7. Exactly one week ago today, I bought my Balenciaga City 04' in lilac. Just like Lindsey Lohans B bag.
  8. Very nice....have you gotten it yet? Pictures please!!
  9. Oral B Braun 7850, love it so much never brush my teeth so often in my life.
  10. last two things i bought were a prada tweed frame bag from spring '04 and a mj kate bag in pink suede. ebay is so wonderful when you can find sellers you can trust.
  11. Thank you! It's even prettier in person. I love it!
  12. For those of you who have purchased authentic bags from ebay, would you mind saying what sellers you purchased from?
  13. Yes, seller's names please!
    I have it in my head that everything on ebay is fake. I know there is real stuff but I don't think I'm experienced enough to tell the real stuff.
  14. don't kill me but I think it was books :lol:
  15. mine was back in June.. it was the 'Louis Vuitton: Birth of Modern Luxury' book.