What was your last Ebay purchase?

  1. Mine: Two Tiffany candlesticks. Pretty! :smile:
  2. lint rollers ! hahah!
  3. a pair of juicy pants... and hopefully, a cheap LV bag! :love:
  4. My Botkier trigger.
  5. a little 14k gold unicorn charm
  6. Balenciaga first/small in apple green
  7. An Oilily party dress for my daughter's 5th birthday party!
  8. AWWWW! I love Oilily! I can't wait to be a mom and wear matching Oilily dresses with my daughter. :smile: :smile:
  9. Uggs!
  10. Obagi Healthy Skin SPF...the BEST BEST BEST SPF there is! I don't leave the house without it on!
  11. Calendar dolls. I love Josef.
  12. chocolate phoebe mulberry.
  13. I got a kate spade bag and right before that, Speedy 30.
  14. a reborn doll for my mom
  15. An Axsys TV pan/tilt/swivel mount for a flat panel TV. I'm giving my mother a 15" LCD TV for her kitchen that she can watch while cooking, doing dishes, or eating.