"What was I thinking?" Bag purchases you regret...

  1. *sigh* As much as I absolutely ADORE my LV Vernis Alma Amarante it is not practical for me so I haven't really used it. Since I work out of my house I don't have the wardrobe that this bag deserves...and to be honest the alma style and size is not practical. I feel guilty every time I walk into my closet to know that I have a $2K bag sitting there that's been used maybe twice. I should sell it but I have no idea how to go about doing so. (Never bought or sold on eBay.)

    Ok...I feel better having gotten that off my chest! :hrmm:
  2. Louis Vuitton - all of them especially the LEs (Patchwork and Cherry Blossom)..
    I sold all the CBs but still holding on to the Patchwork just because my mom has threatened if I ever sell that bag she will be livid!

    Not only they are so impractical they are PITA to look after!
  3. My HH Ruby Lorca. It was a seat of the pants decision that I regret. I'm just not crazy about the color, it has a skunk smell that is apparently the norm for some HH bags, it's just not something that I have ever used since I bought it. Definitely a waste of money. I also have a Kate Spade purse that I bought a couple months ago that I just haven't used, so there was another waste of money that could have gone towards something I really love.

    Oh well. Live and learn
  4. I bought a Dolce & Gabanna brown Miss Easy tote last year - it cost a fortune and is soooooo big and impractical. I blush everytime I think about it. I asked ladies on this fine forum whether I should get it and a couple of people wisely suggested that it was too big, but did I listen - NO!

    Meh. I'm generally pretty good with my bag purchases - but that was a biggie and definitely put me off any trend-driven buying!
  5. I know exactly which one. It is a beautiful Moyna linen hobo with small sea shells all over it. It is gorgeous, but so impractical. It was an impulse purchase in Maui, while on vacation. I still have it, but I have only worn it once!
  6. My Juicy Couture Velour Bowler.
  7. A Balenciaga flat clutch. What was I thinking? I need more room for my stuff....
  8. I bought a dooney and bourke from the stars line. I had wanted it for like a year and bought it on a sale finally. Once I had it, I never used it because it because I was about 10 years too old for it.
  9. My Dior Gaucho- it's a smaller sized black hobo version. I was debating between that or a black balenciaga city or Jimmy Choo at the time. I was just drawn to the unique design of the Dior and went with it as it was on sale. The sale price was still more than the Bbag, but figured it was my chance to get it for a deal. I love the bag, but the one I got is pretty small and definitely not working as an everyday bag which was what I was intending to buy. It was a very impulsive purchase!

    I still take the bag out every now and then for nights on the town, but I still always regret not getting either of the other bags. I've since purchased a different bbag, a giant Day, which I love, but would love to have a city bag or even the JC instead. Considering I don't use the Dior as often, I've contemplated selling it, but I know I won't get my value back, so for now, it's still sitting in my closet.
  10. As I started to venture into purchasing designer handbags I made some mistakes along the way. My first was an Andrew Marc blue leather hobo bag. I actually sang its praises in another thread because it has detachable handles (one for hand-held and a shoulder one). However I've come to realize I don't really enjoy using the bag. When I use the shoulder strap the bag is banging against my hip. If the bag is packed too heavy I feel a pull on the straps. The hand-held strap is much wider and not attractive IMO. I also learned that I don't "feel" blue bags...:lol:. I'm more of a pink and purple kind of gal.

    My second mistake is a cute (I have to admit, it is damn cute!) Furla Miriam small shopper in black. I brought because I thought it was the perfect bag for the holidays. It has a big bow on the front. Well...I've never used it once!

    My third mistake is a Michael by Michael Kors python embossed clutch. I actually think this is a beautiful bag, but it's brown and tan...colors I NEVER EVER wear! I brought it because I thought it would be a nice neutral. I also brought it because I thought it might be fun to branch out color wise. Not this time.

    Although I would LOVE to have not spent all that money, I did learn a lot about what I really like in terms of style, texture and color. I feel I make much better decisions now and I have learned to recognize when I really do love a bag as oppossed to the "I think I love it" feeling.
  11. A tiny hand-held Givenchy bag I bought about a year ago. It was lovely but just too small for my needs. I gave it to a friend's daughter who was going through a tough time following the breakdown of her parents' marriage. There was also a Chloe Paddington I grew to hate because of the heavy padlock. Surprisingly when I advertised it for sale I was inundated with calls. And then there was the fake Fendi Spy I received from eBay. I reported the seller, got no joy and donated the bag to a charity shop.
  12. A lovely preowned 28 sellier Kelly Hermes kelly in box. The price was way too great to pass up, but box in my climate and lifestyle do NOT work. I never get to carry her. Next time, I will make a wiser decision in skin and not just buy b/c of the deal.
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    In a way, I don't regret bad purchases b/c purchasing them do other things for me like quenching my curiosity or getting to know the bag's strengths and weaknesses in general.

    However, I will say that the Buxton over the shoulder organizer has got to be a terrible purchase b/c of its few patches of good quality leather (while the rest of the leather was made of the scraps that nobody wanted); the flimsy nylon compartments and lining; the easy ripping through of the magnetic button flimsy nylong lining; the lack of being able to put a lot of things including bigger items in it; and the fraying of the stitching and nylon strap.

    2nd- the bag in my avatar by LouLou de la Falaise. The leather is amazingly thick, but the bag doesn't hold its shape well at all and doesn't even resemble the more complex shape as it does in the picture unless you stuff it carefully and put pressure on the top for the dip. Also, on side has the "furrowed" velvet while the other side is completely smooth, which I understand would mean the difference between front and back, but it doesn't work too well. So, it really isn't that pretty. The velvet itself doesn't even feel that luxurious...
  14. My biggest regret was getting a Jessica Simpson Aer Large Satchel. So that's going back to the store this weekend:tdown:
  15. Vuitton noe, I got really bad pain in my back using it, that bag is NOT friendly user.