What was Costco thinking....?????

  1. :wtf::roflmfao:
  2. :wtf:
  3. Apparently this is now a very big market, so you can get you $$ worth by using the casket pre-death (like as a coffee table or something).
  4. Geez....now I know...Costco really does sell everything! I've actually seen cars and motorcycles in Costco before!
  5. hahah it would make a great planter box!!! I can see the gerber daisies growing now.... :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. I seen them in my local store.... they do sell everything...creepy
  7. Sure why not? And have you ever priced caskets in a higher end funeral home? My Gods it's expensive!
  8. OMG! This is distrubing!
  9. Yeah, DH had told me before that Costco sold caskets. I was shocked too. Costco does sell EVERYTHING. THey sell wedding invitations. They sell furniture. They sell violins, pianos, even cellos. They sell diamond jewelry. Apparently some even sell Louis Vuitton bags (check out the threads in the LV shopping sub forum). It's crazy!
  10. They sell Coach bags too, I can't remember how long ago but probably 3 years ago Coach Sued Costco for selling them.... they're not supposed to but they still do, high end designer sunglasses too!

    The next thing they're going to sell is kids!!! geeeeez
  11. The casket alone can really make or break the price of a funeral. This is why I'm opting for cremation. This may be morbid, but my parents and I have already discussed this and they have insisted on a pine box and cremation, nothing fancier than that.
  12. How do you get the casket home? Do you store it for an emergency?
  13. oh my..
  14. ^^^Lol...((((Speedy)))))), it is topics like this where our age starts to show.:yes: