What (under $500) handbag are you carrying today?!

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  1. Pictures! I'd love to see these chocolate bags!
  2. Carrying my Arayla Hepburn in Pewter butter leather. This is my favorite Arayla style! IMG_0806.JPG
  3. That looks like a bag you can live in forever lol. Wonderful choice...
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  4. Another great timeless piece. Bet it smells fantastic lol.
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  5. Mandarina Duck

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  6. Stock. I've just ordered a bespoke one in the larger size (stock only came in the smaller) and with chocolate suede lining. It's a truly lovely bag. Great value for $450 USD, they have two left in stock. And it's not that small, it'll hold quite a bit, I'm probably going to keep both sizes...
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. IMG_5939.JPG Rebecca Minkoff Bryn
  9. Gianfranco Ferré

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  10. Portland Leather tote today.

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  11. I love how you attach the off-white straps to make the bag look so cool!
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  13. My aunt and I went shopping recently and she purchased a Radley London tote. When she showed it to me it reminded me a bit of the Longchamp totes. I loved it but she bought it. Anyways, since she wasn't using it she gifted it to me this weekend and I am IN LOVE!

    I am very curious as to how well the straps will hold up, so far so good :smile:

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  14. I really like Radley London bags. I was wondering about the straps also, but they probably should hold up for a while. When I think of all the plastic/vegan type bags I've worn over the years, most of the time the straps seemed to hold up. It's just the little things like corners, linings, etc.
    Let us know how it goes. In the meantime, enjoy your little "gift" from your aunt!
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