What (under $500) handbag are you carrying today?!

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  1. Errand day. Perfect bag .
    In action at ...
    Starbucks IMG_20181110_143929.jpg
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  2. Nice bag, would you mind identifying it?
  3. Radley London Fountain Road backpack.
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  4. Yesterday and today - my new to me and new Furla bags: Piper Dome in natural which is the old style and My Piper S in onice which is the new style:

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  5. Wow, they're so much alike, they're Kissing Cousins! I've never seen a Furla bag with canvas b4. Cool.

    Off topic question. What font did you use across your pic? I like it.
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  6. Thank you! The canvas Piper seems to have been available in black/beige, too.

    I used the Photo Editor app and this is one of their font options...
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  7. Just gorgeous! I love the cat!
    Please do share, what is this?
  8. Loup Noir shopper!
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  9. IMG_7942.jpg IMG_3680.jpg Laurel Dasso
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  10. IMG_3842.jpg vintage fendi pequin canvas tote
  11. Thank you!
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  12. AA7D108F-76C6-4245-BB27-0A4BDEE1F857.jpeg
    Lauren Ralph Lauren, the Millbrook convertible satchel in...well, orange, obviously.:noworry:
    Trying to teach myself the zen of a smaller bag...
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  13. Love your bag. Where is it from?