What (under $500) handbag are you carrying today?!

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  1. If you are carrying a bag that didn't run you more than five hundred or so, but you love it and carrying it makes you feel like a million bucks, then post a photo of it here! Especially on your arm. I want to celebrate you and your budget friendly luxury. If there's a story about how you snagged something fab-u-lous for hundreds, not thousands, (i.e. second hand steal, amazing sale, outlet score), tell us all about how you got it without breaking the bank, along with the photo.
  2. A87D1DF4-0313-4412-8BF8-90D9C47E6863.jpeg 663E0C0D-0879-4332-84AF-F97CEA04B29F.jpeg these pics in the Polene thread. As I said there, these are not technically out and about, but this is what I wore running errands today and the two ways I carried the handbag. I think this is the only non-premier designer bag that makes me feel the same way I do when I carry a premier designer bag. The style and quality are factors I think. I am 5’8” for reference. I am also 45, wearing a romper, and don’t care because I’m past the age of diplomacy.
  3. Oh I love that. Past the age of diplomacy! I'm going to use that even though I'm under 40.

    And I love the way it looks. And I love the feedback that carrying it gives you the high end feels. That's awesome to get that excitement from a bag with such a reasonable price tag! It truly looks haute.
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  4. Oh and by the way honey, with that statuesque figure and those legs, you show it off as much as you can! You are looking good, no BS. Pretty face to match, Blondie!
  5. This one today.
  6. I really, really love this bag! I cannot believe that with shipping I only paid $410 for it. It really feels and looks like one of my way pricier bags.
    Thank you for all of your sweet compliments! :blush: I tried to insert the blushing smiley. I think I got the right one.
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  7. I was just going to say this! If I have those legs I'd be in rompers 24/7!
  8. I love dark brown. Great bucket.
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  9. You look amazing! I want a Polene they look lovely.
  10. This bag looks such beautiful quality
  11. 20180602_144146.jpg This little number!! My Leo et Violette bag which cost $380 including shipping from Paris. The quality is as nice as my Lanvin and my Chloe. Here she is at my wall in the art gallery that represent me.
    I felt very comfortable taking her for my meeting there and afterwards I was buying a coffee and the very well dressed lady in the queue behind me complimented me on my purse!
    This bag makes me feel very classy and unique.
  12. that bag is so chic! I love everything about it!
  13. I love the shades of red. Swoon.
  14. Thank you! They have so many beautiful colors.
  15. Gorgeous art and bag! The color on that bag is perfect! That is the color I wanted my RM to be, but it is not, so I never carry it. Your bag is way prettier. I have a Chloe (in my avatar), but no Lanvin. It’s good to hear that the quality of your Leo and Violette is as good as Chloe, because I’m impressed with Chloe quality.