What types of leathers are the Chanel reissues made in?

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  1. Hi!

    The reissue design has caught my interest, but I do not necessaily care for the aged leather look that seems to be the most commonly seen.

    Does anyone know what other types of leather they come in?

    TIA :flowers:
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  2. The "classic" reissue (continuously available) is quilted aged calf. But seasonal reissues vary every season and come in a variety of leathers, finishes. I've seen caviar, goat, lamb, etc. for leathers, metallics, ombres, chevron, etc. If the "classic" reissue isn't for you, keep an eye out for seasonal ones.
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  3. I’m also waiting for non aged calf reissue. I would love to see they make caviar reissue again in near future. They made it a few years ago and it looks gorgeous. I don’t like caviar in classic flap but the caviar in reissue is softer and smoother.

    I have the aged calf reissue as of now and try to love it but honestly I’m still longing for non aged calf. Well..
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  4. I was so glad to see this discussion pop up. I love this style. It’s so easy to carry.
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  5. I have a caviar reissue 227. I love it!
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  6. This is exactly how I feel! I hope it comes out in another typr of leather
  7. Envy you. I’m looking for caviar 227. Saw one on fashionpile but I prefer to buy new. Hope Chanel will make them again in near future
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  8. Love the reissue, but not the aged calf. I hunted for either a lamb or caviar and jumped on the caviar when they released it about 2 years back.

    Here’s a comparison of the reissue soft caviar vs a larger grained caviar. Definitely more delicate, but oh-so-luxurious.
  9. I have seen the seasonal reissues in lambskin, caviar, metallic..even chevron in beige and black lambskin while I was in Paris. I picked the distressed leather (even the second time) coz I am all about that vintage-y look lol. Keep an eye out for the seasonal reissues and good luck hunting down your perfect one.
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  10. This is caviar reissue, fall 17, second act.
  11. Thank you for your reply! I am so happy for these news! I'll definitely keep an eye out in case the perfect one pops up!
  12. That would be amazing! I'd love that combo for myself too! I'll cross my thumbs that they'll bring that back in the near future! Do you happen to know if that version was popular when they last had it for sale?

    I'm sure yours is gorgeous too, but the heart wants what the heart wants! If you don't care for having both, just sell the one you have once you find your dream bag! :heart:
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  13. Yes, me too! I could not find a thread about it so I thought I'd just start a new one, I figured I could not be the only one who thought of this! :smile:
  14. I envy you! :rolleyes: Please post a picture of your beauty!
  15. Yes! I've always wished that I could just "get over" the fact that the leather doesn't speak to me, as I love all other aspects of the reissue design! And at the same time I adore the classic flaps, in all materials really, but mostly in the caviar, but as pretty as the CC logo is I would just prefer that my first Chanel would be a little more understated than the CC logo's let them be! At least for my first, but I'll get I'll have to buy them the other way around, as what I am looking for seems to be quite unusual to find! :smile:
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