What types of leathers are the Chanel reissues made in?

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  1. Let me know if you ever find a new one somewhere! I'll do the same! :amuse::flowers:

  2. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful! That's my dream bag right there! I'd love a light one, just like that, or cream coloured, with GHW, and a black one with SHW. That's an absolutely gorgeous bag! I must congratulate you on finding it! Let me know if you ever stumble across something like it again!
  3. Wow, I had no idea that they came in so many variations! Do you happen to know if they release them regularly, or if they are difficult to hunt down..? Is the assortment wider in Paris? ...Suddenly I felt a very strong need for a little vacation! :angel:

    I am sure your bag is beautiful! The distressed leather can look amazing when paired right, the vintage feel of it is really charming! I wish they made more leather variations more often, for it to fit more peoples preferences, whatever ones style is. :smile:
  4. Is this yours? What an absolutely beautiful combination with the black and the darker silver color. Just gorgeous! I need this in my life. Was it hard to track down? Do you know if there was just a few made, or if it was easy to get ahold of one?
  5. I got it from Neiman Marcus. Saks did not have them. My Neiman Marcus had 2 of them, both made in Italy. One month prior my purchase store did not have them. I did not ask how many were made. I fell in love with this one and bought it. Please, inspect every bag very carefully, they all may have flaws.
  6. Ok so I pulled pics from my varying and always evolving collection of bags over the last 2 years or so, of the reissues that I've gotten. They are represented here in lamb, aged calf, "scratched" calf, metallic calf, and iridescent calf. What I've found is that the ones that are puffier have a harder time staying shut. Something about the puffy quilts makes the clasp want to turn sideways and pop open, without being overly full. For that reason, I've come back to appreciating the aged calf, b/c it's thinner, and the bag "lays" better with that closure IMO. But regardless, here are some fun pics of variations :smile: *the charcoal with gold are different/ different seasons. One was darker than the other*

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  7. more...

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  8. And this one is coming for 19p... printed lamb...

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  9. Will do...when I get home!
  10. Holy cow! You have quite a stunning collection!
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  11. It's a revolving door. I only have 9 reissues now. I went back to jumbos :panic::facepalm: I sold most of my jumbos to go to reissues, now I sold half of my reissues to go back to jumbos. I am a crazy mess. HOWEVER. I think the 227 size of reissue is completely underrated. It's amazing.
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  12. It IS amazing. And "only 9 reissues" ain't too bad!
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  13. IMG_1549307180.014664.jpg

    My caviar reissue 227 with RHW. Wonderful bag!As a bonus, this one has the Bijou chain!
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  14. Is this a double or single flap? I have very similar bag (love this chain!), 11 series, in single flap, have never seen another. 20190111_170532.jpg
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  15. Oh wow! Yes, very similar! Mine is a single flap, which I really like .The leather is much shinier than it looks in my photo. Do you love your bag? I find 227 to be a wonderful size, very usable.