What types of leathers are the Chanel reissues made in?

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  1. I also love that I never see this one when I'm out and about. Never! And I'm always bag-watching!:smile:
  2. Interesting comment regarding 227. I am on the fence to selling mine in place of 226. Great collection. I love the green Chevron reissue. Wow, stunning bag.

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  3. So that collection u shared is just fabulous
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  4. Gorgeous collection!! Is the dark charcoal with ghw in 1st post a recent season (3rd from top) ? If so, do you happen to have info on season and color? I may need to track one down, it's so beautiful ;)
  5. Hi! I’m not sure on the product info, but I did see one similar in store last week. Check NM in Walnut Creek.
  6. I THINK that one is 17A. The lower one is 18K. There is a charcoal on FP right now, I didn't check the serial but it might be that one?
  7. Hi OCMomof3 and Traumatic,
    Do you think 227 will be too overwhelming for a petite woman (5' 1")? Thanks.
  8. I don't personally. I feel that a large reissue looks less prominent and boxy (for lack of a better word) and is a bit more under the radar than a classic flap. I think it would look wonderful on you!
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  9. I think it will depend on how you feel about large bags. I'm 5'5" and feel the 227 is just a tad too large for me (though I love how much it can hold for everyday!) and prefer the 226. Best way to tell is to try it on at a boutique. It is purely a personal preference and what fits your lifestyle and aesthetics.
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  10. What are reissues? Are they used bags just refurbished or are they discontinued styles that are being brought back? Do Chanel stores sell them or is this online only via other sellers? Thanks
  11. It is a style of bag, released in 2005, celebrating the Chanel heritage. Has a different style of clasp ("mademoiselle") not CC lock, chain only strap and a few other design differences
  12. What year is this from!?!? Are you the original owner, or did you find it preloved? I have been trying to figure out if a single flap reissue ever existed, and it appears it does!
  13. Mine like this is 11 series (2006-2008)
  14. B2CBB463-FE94-4E30-9807-5BA2F187592D.jpeg
    Aged calf skin! Just picked her up :smile:
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  15. Thank you OCMomof3 and mcheng96. I've tried 226 in the boutique. I like the size but a little worry about its carrying capacity. I'll try to find a boutique that has a 227 to try then.
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