What styles have been discontinued? What is the next one?

  1. Yesterday, when I was at Barneys, the S/A told me that the 2006 Fall/Winter season will be the last for the Purse style. After that, it will no longer be made!

    Has anyone else heard this?

    PS: Of course, this meant that I just had to add a Purse style to my collection (I got it in Black - it was the only one available; but I'm kind of 'diggin' it now!).
  2. I love the purse; I use that and my work more than my city. I'm hoping that Barneys gets it in rouge because I think I would like it more than the day. Did Barneys have any new styles?
  3. Ceejay. I had not heard that but if it's true then I'm glad I got my Truffe and Grenat in it because I love the style. It's like a larger First that fits comfortably on the shoulder. And congrats on your getting one in Black. Now do you have one in every style Balenciaga makes or is there still a style out there you haven't gotten that you want :smile: .
  4. I love the Purse style too ... I'm glad that I got it (had been looking at it for some time!).

    I had a very interesting discussion with the S/A at Barneys. Their buyers did not put in as big an order as previous years (they're playing it safe), so this means that (as a whole) Barneys is not going to have as many B-Bags as in prior seasons. The reason is because (and we can see this), there is still a fair amount of stock left from the Pre-Spring/Spring seasons. So, here is what the S/A told me:
    1. No 'Blue'-colored bags AT ALL (no Blue India, no Blueberry) ... PERIOD! A big mistake in my book ...
    2. Rouge Vif - ordered in the First style only! If you want it in a different style, better look for it somewhere else.
    3. Black will be available in pretty much every style.
    So, generally speaking, Barneys did not really order many of the "brighter" colors (Rouge, Greige, etc.).

    Should be interesting ...
  5. wow, i hadn't heard that either yet, but if it's true, i'm so happy that i got my emerald purse when i did :yes:...it's such an amazing style, not too big, not too small & can hold lots of stuff comfortably while hanging gracefully on your shoulder :tender:...it's definitely one of my most favorite b-bags!!!
    DSCF2040 rev.jpg
  6. Ooooohhhh 'Bama'; that Emerald Purse is puuuuuurrrrrrdddddyyyyy :heart: :love: !!
  7. I haven't seen the purse yet IRL. I'd really love to try one on!
  8. i really love the purse style, but don't own one yet. the purse style has curves and looks very feminine to me... it's a contrast from the masculine look of the other styles. i hate to hear it's going to be discontinued... i would have liked to see it in some bright colors for s/s 07. congrats, ceejay, on yours!:yahoo:
  9. I agree, very dumb. Blue India is only going to be the hottest color of f/w 2006, once it's delivered. Barney's, blech.
  10. I know ... not ordering any Blue colors just doesn't make any sense to me either. I can understand not wanting to order too much (like they should have FORGOTTEN about the Truffe/Truffle ... in my opinion), but why order sooooooooooooooooooo many Black bags???
  11. In defense of the Truffe color that I and several other PF gals have gotten this season, I am glad they did not 'FORGET' it. :smile:
  12. I wonder what blue I saw at Barney's NYC last week? That had a ton of them but I wasn't interested at the moment so I didn't investigate which blue they were. I thought at the time they were blueberry but after seeing blueberry IRL yesterday, I know there were not (not as vibrant). I guess they were the previous blue.

    I can't get the blueberry purse out of my head...and now after reading this I might just have to go for it.
  13. ^^^ I can't get the blueberry purse out of my head...and now after reading this I might just have to go for it.

    Go for it, Glimmer. It seems to be calling your name if you can't get it out of your head. You weren't happy with Grenat, so this just may be the one for you. And the Purse style is a great style to have in your Bbag collection.
  14. I was a little reserved because I LOVE the shoulder strap on the city and have pretty much committed myself to that style...but there's plenty of time for more cities! :yes:
  15. Blueberry purse would be gorgeous Glimmer!! I say go for it