What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. #5326 Dec 28, 2018
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    Today I'm wearing solitaire diamond studs, Tiffany's DBTY in YG, Tiffany's T Wire Bracelet in RG and diamond eternity ring
  2. Ears: Kiki McDonough green amethyst pear drop earrings in YG

    Neck: Tiffany initial disc pendant in YG

    Left hand: wedding rings

    Right hand: Cartier slim Love ring in YG stacked with 0.40 ttcw skinny diamond eternity band in YG
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  3. Wearing this surprise gift from DH yesterday - aquamarine ring in platinum :love: Aquamarine is my birthstone.
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  4. ^I saw these lovely aquamarine earrings today set in 18k white gold which match the colour of the aquamarine in the ring exactly - couldn’t resist so they have come home with me :giggle:
  5. This combo today. Pendant from Santa Fe Goldworks. 20181231_085450.jpg
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  6. Wow! What beauties! Wear them in good health and Happy New Year!
  7. Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you too! :hugs:
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  8. The antique little pendant that my DH got me :love: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Happy New Year.
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  9. ^that looks awesome on you! What a nice deep red.

    Today, I finally found a bangle that fits perfectly; happy new year! :yahoo:

  10. I’m wearing a Christmas gift from my hubby. I really like the angles on this duchess cut diamond and I wanted to take the duchess cut I already have and turn it sideways, but I never got around to it. So my husband found me this little ring with a duchess cut in it already that way. It was pretty sweet of him. The third picture is the ring I already had. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. Disney necklace

  12. T&co SS mini smile necklace
    New Rolex TT Datejust
  13. Where are all my Disney fans at? I’m wearing a Minnie ears rose gold necklace by Rebecca Hook

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  14. USSR made rose gold, diamond and likely created ruby ring from the 1930s or 40s. Not really sure of the design but it kind of makes me think of a hermit crab
  15. White metals today - wearing aquamarine and diamond drop earrings, .75 ttcw diamond 7 stone ring and 3.30 ttcw diamond tennis bracelet, all in 18k white gold.
    353DE8E6-0B73-4073-99CC-60E24B1611F1.jpeg 0F79A2AC-1557-478A-825E-9967916B9FEB.jpeg 57FE4EE5-A65B-470E-8D67-A1A97A5063C7.jpeg
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