What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. My new river rock necklace.
  2. I am wearing a 0.75 carat 7 stone diamond ring in 18k white gold on my left hand in lieu of my wedding bands and a pink tourmaline and pave diamond ring in 18k yellow gold on my right hand. The lighting is lousy here today so excuse the poor photos, they sparkle like the sun normally! Both Ebay/pawn shop finds.
    A9D112E6-60FA-490F-BE62-2F3CB1278432.jpeg 02E4B5AF-3B78-483C-9E82-A2A1F29FC446.jpeg 90BBF968-FB50-4243-A404-67487B4AEA89.jpeg
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  3. Love my crazy new ring

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  4. An Avon snowman necklace from childhood
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  5. I love your snowman! Growing up, I had an Avon locket with a painted Christmas tree on it that my grandmother gave me—I’d trade “good” jewelry to have it back any day!
  6. Pearl studs, 0.4ct solitaire ring in white gold and trilogy diamond pendant (also in white gold)
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    My husband got me this sweet little antique pendant for Christmas, I tried it on before it got gift wrapped :love:
    It’s an antique cabochon garnet and rose cut diamond pendant :heart:
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  8. Engagement and Tiffany band along with a jade bangle.
    9131A2E4-D1EB-4953-A305-C892C550839B.jpeg B9BA707D-6C25-47C1-86CE-B6717B353C6F.jpeg
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  9. This is truly gorgeous and it looks amazing on you. The little heart in the center is just darling and reminds me of a gift I sent to a really good friend of mine in Germany. Hearts are so sweet and just perfect gifts for this season. Congratulations
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  10. Thank you, my elderly Dad has had a bad week and I’ve been stressed and upset. This wee pendant was perfect timing, I’ve a lovely DH :love:
    It goes nicely with my ruby e-ring [​IMG]
  11. Black diamond wedding ring on my left hand and single diamond solitaire on the right. IMG_20181220_095508.jpg IMG_20181220_095547.jpg
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  12. I love this ring...sending :hugs:
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  13. IMG_9082.jpg IMG_9076.jpg

    Rose gold rubi, diamond and black sapphire “climbers” (I’ve had them for years and decided to wear them upwards instead of in the traditional way they were designed and suddenly they’re on trend ).

    Rose gold short chain with three colored brushed gold rings.

    Tous necklace in yellow gold.

    Thank you for letting me share
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  14. Earrings that my dear great grandmother willed to me, a sapphire with a double halo and my upgraded engagement ring
  15. I love this ring!