What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. I thought it would be fun to see what jewelry we wear each day. I'm interested to see if we mostly stick to the same things, or do we mix it up. I take it by spells. Some weeks, I wear something different almost every day, and some weeks I wear the same thing day after day.....boring and lazy! :P

    Today, I'm wearing jeans, a blue and white French sailor t-shirt with VCA turquoise 20 motif vintage, turquoise Ippolita hoop earrings, tgm Cape Cod Hermes watch, and ER w/eternity band.

    How about you???
  2. Great idea! Love this!

    White cotton gauze skirt, turquoise tank top with white Chanel J12 w/WG diamond tennis bracelet, VCA MOP YG Alhambra earrings and beloved Carlos deSouza YG/diamond cross "coin" necklace on a lace chain by C Waterman! No rings.
  3. Sounds lovely, Sin! Do you have a picture of the Carlos deSouza necklace? That sounds intriguing. I LOVE crosses.
  4. I don't have a pic right now but here is the link to one sold on Vivre. It originally came with a leather cord but, when that wore out, I switched to the chain. Lately, I've been thinking of switching it back to a leather cord. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's very matte and kind of hand finished looking. Very rustic and about the size of a penney. It goes nice with the leather.

  5. today i'm wearing white gold diamond studs in my ears and a silver dog eared friendship necklace.
  6. my outfit: club monaco striped layered dress, black tights, tory burch patent flats, and a green michael kors drapey cardigan.

    Jewellery: my usual dbty bracelets, new sapphire bezel bracelet, purple spinel ring, st onge pendant, and my watch (designer cannot be named, I work for the company!)
  7. Thank you, Sin! I love that!
  8. I like! :heart: Simple and infiitely wearable.
  9. Candice, nice! Did you wear the dbty and the new restyled sapphire on the same wrist???
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  10. Let's see...

    -White gold diamond pave huggies earrings
    -diamond cross pendant necklace
    -Movado watch with mirror face and diamond accents
    -princess diamond ering and diamond channel set wedding band

    And during my lunch break I stopped by the jeweler to order my new cushion aquamarine w/diamond halo ring, and tried it on again briefly :P
  11. you betcha :biggrin:
  12. E-ring and band, diamond studs (never take them out!), my DBTY YG necklace layered with my YG/Diamond Jennifer Meyer small leaf necklace! :smile:
  13. Woohoo! I saw the picture of it, and it's gorgeous! Congrats! It'll be a wonderful addition to what you wore today. :graucho:
  14. those necklaces would look so pretty together!
  15. -have class today
    -jeans, white belt, white tank top with light blue cardigan
    -with my 18inch small bead chain small return to tiff heart tag necklace
    -pearl with diamonds ring (mom just gave it to me this morning)
    -multi heart with accents bracelet
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