What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. So gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the whole situation but on the bright side at least you know you will be getting it eventually. Good luck!
  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear this. I hope they can fix it for you quickly! It's a beautiful bag and will be worth the wait though!
  3. Oh no! :sad: So very sorry that this happened to you! It must be so terrible to have to wait for so long! Your C is very beautiful and it IS worth the wait, but I hope they will be able to send it back to you sooner!:heart:
  4. Thanks for the sympathy! This wait will be quite different from waiting for an SO. For SO, you’re waiting for it to arrive and see it for the first time. This one, I saw and experienced it only for it to be taken away for an unknown amount of time hahahha
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  5. Gawd thats TERRIBLE! Its like a long torturous strip tease!:yucky: Let us know when you get your C back!:flowers:
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  6. If sent to Paris, the repair can take up to 4 months in addition to the 3-4 weeks at the local store. On the bright side, my sa said I can exchange the bag should another box c arrive in the meantime!
  7. Oh dear! I hope the artisan could resolve the problem asap and you could have this beautiful baby with you soonest!
  8. First I brought home this beauty~~Rose Poupre B30 Epsom Phw.

    But DH didn’t agree with a bright colour, so we swapped it for this black beauty~~Noir B30 Epsom Ghw. I have the most wonderful SA.

  9. A Travers Champs in CW22 & single color rodeo.
    IMG_2183.jpg IMG_2184.jpg
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  10. This would be my dream come true. :smile: Lucky lady.
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  11. Congrats!!
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  12. Thanks!!
  13. Probably more appropriate in the Action thread but here you go! :hbeat:
  14. Wow! Simply stunning and so beautiful!! Congratulations
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  15. Both choices are simply amazing and the neutral in black may probably benefit you more in the long term as it can be worn in more than one season! Congratulations
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