What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Thank you! I managed to find them on Vestiaire Collective. They have a few others in stock but the last time I checked they were mainly the pink-ish color ways.
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  2. Peace sandals in orange. I’m so lucky to find them from a reseller site in my size since I’ve been searching for them for last 6 months.
  3. My new found from airport! I'm a happy gal now as charniere in phw is hardly come by in my country 20181012_155718.jpg
  4. Great find! Congrats!
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  5. My new to me B35 in Gris Tourterelle clemence leather. Love how the color changes in different lighting.
    Thank you for letting me share! :smile:

    C2939BAE-5287-4616-8513-FC7354E50083.jpeg 9D531431-7511-4A33-9FD3-04594C717DA7.jpeg
  6. Congrats on your new bracelet! Love how your cute heart charm matches your shoes! so chic!
  7. Beautiful B35! such lovely color! congrats!:heart:
  8. Thank you so much!! :smile:
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  9. So many new beautiful purchases on this thread! I purchased a mini dog bracelet and it arrived today. Help! Are these bracelets hard to close? The fit is correct but I can't seem to slide the clasp over the leather (there is thick rubber on the top of the inner clasp but it doesn't want to budge and I don't want to force it - not sure if it is a protective thing not meant to be removed). Any advice is appreciated. IMG_7834[1].JPG
  10. I picked up another Jaguar Quetzal twilly this week. This one is the 02 Gr/Vert/Rouge/Rose color way that I chose for my Rouge Tomate Evelyne PM. Here it is, as well as a shot of my 3 PM's....Walter's favorite is Blue Nuit. :heart:
    20181012_102301.jpg 20181012_103825.jpg 20181012_103836.jpg 20181012_110238.jpg
  11. Congrats on your new mini dog bracelet!
    Yes, the rubber is meant to be there, and there is a little bit of force involved compared to say, a Kelly lock. After a few practice round, you will get the hang of it. For me, I lift up the buckle to go over the end of the other side first, then slide it over. HTH!:flowers:
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  12. Love the way you coordinate your twillys with your beautiful Evies!
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  13. Thanks! It worked!
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  14. :presents: Brought some goodies back from my recent trip :presents:

    Clearly I have watched one too many episodes of Locked Up Abroad because I looked down at my backpack and thought, “Well, this sure puts a different spin on smuggling H.” :whut::police::giggle: 1BDF3A57-762F-40A4-923D-00085F448C13.jpeg Picked up a few bracelets: behapi double tour in noir/fauve, mors in gold, baobab cat hinged in faux gris A9128A08-9981-4160-8682-5AB3F08087A2.jpeg AD49B2C3-AD89-4BB4-A10F-95EB59E05B4E.jpeg And CSGMs: H au carre in naturel/marine/safran 688095FA-A867-4FD0-9541-4B92F0FAD028.jpeg EC8FCBCE-D680-4CBF-9EE3-DE52CFADCA56.jpeg Pirouette au galop in bleu de chine/bordeaux/vert 4A0E6179-7D5A-48E0-83AC-DE4E6BC67007.jpeg 425278EC-BAA7-47F6-A52C-A28022F4BD60.jpeg Une rose pour Alma in blanc/sephia/orange C030316B-F801-4E99-A97A-C66E335F982F.jpeg 832C6293-4339-4FDA-90DA-CB960B28EA0B.jpeg
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    Last, but not least...Evelyne PM in bleu nuit :yahoo: 2ABE12A4-3355-4A0B-8441-54F928581B55.jpeg 6ABCF799-B208-4EA0-8F85-56CF175B8050.jpeg