What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Wowww, you were able to swap right away??? thats amazing! black is such a classic! congrats!
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  2. Jelly with your Rodeo...but....Ohhhhh! finally! csgm twins! I loooooove this cgm! :loveeyes:Aren't the colours just wonderful??? Congrats and enjoy your new csgm!!!:heart::heart:
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  3. Both so beautiful! Congrats on the black beauty!
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  4. Beautiful! Both you and the bag! Loving your outfit. Those snakeskin booties are Hope to see more action pics in the future!
  5. Thank you! Definitely a dream come true for me!
    Thanks birkinlover!
  6. You look so coooool! Great outfit with gorgeous C!
  7. Sorry to hear. That sounds like a real bummer.
  8. Looks lovely with the outfit!
  9. Double Twilly reveal (it would’ve been a triple but my Rose Nacre Savana Dance is still en route)

    Brides de Gala Love in crème/vieil orange/noir and Jeu de Cartes in quetsche/Rouge/noir/ardoise. Clearly I’ve been in a hearts kind of mood lol

    IMG_1539104349.669632.jpg IMG_1539104374.966514.jpg IMG_1539104395.051579.jpg
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  11. Is that Vert Vertigo ? So pretty.
  12. My newest purchase- Gris T Togo with silver hardware!
    It has lots of veining, which I don’t usually love, but the bag is spectacular
    C3D84EBC-09D3-4CE1-9091-68609249EED7.jpeg 1E1A5EA2-6856-47FB-B65E-2DBC5E7F0403.jpeg
  13. Great veins, this is super gorgeous!
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  14. Indeed beautiful
    Lovely color
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  15. Congrats! Where did you find the brides De gala twilly? I missed out and haven’t seen any