What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. Got my hubby a pair of loafers. So easy to wear and seems to match with most of his wardrobe

  2. Black Oran sandals

  3. Here are my latest purchases!
    20180615_225413~01.jpg 20180615_225846~01.jpg 20180615_212635~01.jpg 20180615_212033~01.jpg
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  4. This is my first post in the Hérmes forum. I have never been into a Hérmes store before but today I dared to go in ;)

    I wasn’t supposed to buy anything but we all know how that ends.

    So here are my two small packages:

    Bracelet in rose gold and green:

    Me wearing it (stickers still on):

    Necklace in rose gold:

    Me wearing it:
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  5. That Baobab Cat bracelet!! I love it !!! :loveeyes:
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  6. Yes i love it too! It's love at first sight!! :blush:
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  7. I can’t wait for the scarf!! Did your boutique get any of those yet? I’m getting so impatient!!
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  8. Beautiful! Welcome to the orange world; its dangerous over here! :smile:
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  9. Heathrow airport personal shopping - first time I’ve used this and the help and reservation protocols were very helpful and time saving appropriate for me IMG_1112.jpg IMG_1113.jpg IMG_1114.jpg IMG_1115.jpg IMG_1116.jpg IMG_1117.jpg IMG_1118.jpg IMG_1119.jpg

    Jige is blue Brighton swift

  10. What a beautiful loot! Is that Jige a wallet or the clutch?

    Does anyone know if getting a Jige or Medor clutch in a preferred color tricky? I'm looking for a coral or shade of pink.
  11. Great purchases! Of course I am partial to the mini chaine d’ancre earrings! Fraternal twins on those haha
  12. It’s the clutch - I adore it - fave casual item now - im on holiday in Canada so already using it!
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  13. I know! I have the mint/aqua too but desperately wanted the rouge - it’s so striking / will go so well against a black pantsuit with my rouge vif pochette
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  14. Love shared great taste