What is your latest Hermes purchase?

  1. That is malachite
  2. Etoupe in Tadelakt is stunning!
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  3. Thank you! I’m in love
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  4. I Love your Etoupe B30 and your etain K28. B30 is the perfect size!!! My B30 holds my mini iPad, iPhone, wallet, etc. B35 is good for work but B30 is more versatile and way lighter to carry.
  5. hi,
    may I present my first major H purchase - my first bag: B30 in noir with two coral twillies to "lighten" her up a little. I am in LOVE.
    thanks for letting me share!
    55882973-42A3-4F68-A287-93A36436C355 (1).jpg
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    ooooh, I adore your K pochette - Gris Asphalte with gold hardware is one of my favorite combos..
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  7. Very nice - Congratulations and lovely twillies too!
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  8. Thanks, Catin!
  9. Very nice! Way to dive head first into H bags!
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  10. Thank you, cafecreme15. Yes, I guess I went all in. and got lucky :smile:
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  11. anniefmystery.JPG
    Did anyone find out which scarf this is posted by Selenet? Looks like a pocket square? It's Annie Faivre by signature.
  12. Hi bunnycat,
    I believe I can help you with the scarf. It is indeed an Annie Faivre Jardins d'eden silk pocket square in blue with orange pomegranates. It's lovely, isn't it?
  13. Congratulations! Your classic B looks amazing! (I like to lighten up my blue indigo kelly with twillys for the summer months, too.) Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  14. Thank you, Ladybaga. I cannot get enough of her. I am still in the phase where I carry her around with me from room to room so I can look at her in between doing other things. ;)
    Currently resting on my old sewing cabinet with my scarf of the day:

  15. thank you marzipanchen! I looked it up. So cute!