What is your last Jewelry purchases?

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  1. Thanks susiana!

    Thank you grace. I think it compliment well with my other pieces. I have not try to layer with other metal color.

    Thank you for kind compliments!
  2. Super super gorgeous!!! Love everything, rings, dbty bracelet and tennis bracelet!!!
  3. Elsa Peretti Charcoal Bone Cuff
  4. Diamond Hoop Earrings!!
  5. Ek Thongprasert necklace:biggrin:
  6. Thank u! Love your bracelet... It's so dainty and feminine!!!
  7. Thank you!
  8. Congrats! It's absolutely stunning! Love it!
  9. Cartier love ring in white gold :love:
  10. Burberry watch on a good sale...

  11. Congrats! We would love to see pic.

    Sounds delicious! I sold mine last yr. I am still wishing for a nice one.

    Please pardon my ignorance. What is EK Thongprasert?
  12. Thank you for your sweet compliment! It's currently at the jeweler to taken it since I have itty wrist.
  13. What's that??
  14. Very pretty:smile:
  15. My latest purchase is a solid rose gold lotus flower necklace with diamonds (from Etsy). I'm still waiting for it to arrive.