What is your last Jewelry purchases?

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  1. Thanks!!
  2. My latest acquisition. Mark Henry Alexandrite ring with yellow and white diamonds and YG and WG. Hope I attached the picture correctly.

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  3. It's gorgeous!
    Do you find it suitable for everyday wear?
  4. My last purchase was a DY 5mm cable bracelet with 14k gold caps. Waiting anxiously for it to arrive in the mail later this week :yahoo:
  5. I bought a sterling silver, clear quartz necklace, 100cts. of stones, last night. I had spent the weekend searching for a fabulous genuine clear stone/sterling necklace to wear with an 18th C. very fancy gown I'm making for the upcoming Halloween parties. The funny thing about it is: I bought a necklace to simulate the paste (fake) "diamond" and silver necklaces that were very common then; these were imitations of the real diamond necklaces. If you've ever priced these antiques on eBay, you'll see why I tried to find a modern equivalent! So, I bought a genuine (though not diamond) stone and silver necklace, in order to imitate the fake ones that imitated the real ones!

    I may clip on my Nicky Butler enhancer to wear with the dress. Or, since the gown is ice-blue, with silver trim, and white lace cuffs (and sparkly paste buttons down the stomacher panel), I may keep it monochromatic, and stick to clear/white stones, set in silver.

    Here's the info/pic of the necklace (from JTV):


    It looks flat here. If you can get the videos to work, please have a look--it looked GORGEOUS on the presenter and on the bust when it was on TV--even better than these videos.
  6. This is very yummy piece. I love it!
  7. Congrats! I adore your lovely necklace... it's perfect lenght. Enjoy!

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