What is your last Jewelry purchases?

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  1. I am adopting thread theme from Hermes and Wardrobe subforum on what is your last purchase item on thread so that we can share your new addition for all of us admire.;)

    Please do share what is your last jewelry purchases......
  2. I just purchased a 1mm 16" snake chain in YG online yesterday. I have a few small pendants at home with bales that are too small to fit any of the chains I already own. I'm hoping the chain I ordered will work with those pendants. I hated to chance it online, not knowing the size of the end of the chain I ordered, but it was much cheaper online than in the brick-and-mortar stores I'd been browsing for a chain. If the chain ends up not working with those pendants, I'm sure I'll find another use for it. It should be here by the end of the week.
  3. my last purchase was my vintage platinum and diamond tennis bracelet
    tennis bracelet 2.jpg
  4. This bracelet was made and arrived two wks ago.

    Sapphire and diamond eternity band was arrived 1.5 wk ago as well.
  5. It's hard to order online because we don't know how it look IRL... I have a hard time comparing a magnifying image on screen and in IRL. We would love to see the pics when it arrives.
  6. Congrats on your new addition! It's beautiful and classic piece for every women wardrobe. TB is on my wishlist and I don't know when that day will come. Would you mind sharing the sz per stone? Btw: your VCA motif is also gorgeous!:graucho:
  7. Yes, it is hard to order online for sure. I don't have any trouble with most of my pendants, but these two I need a chain for have been a real thorn in my side. If the bales on them weren't made into the pendant as part of the design, I would've already gone to the jewelry store and had them put a larger bale on them to save myself some trouble lol. I'll post a pic once the chain arrives. It's nothing spectacular, but I think it'll be great for simple pendants.

    WOW, your new goodies are gorgeous! Love the bracelet, and that eternity band is spectacular!
  8. thanks! I love delicate pieces, maybe someday I'll want a more substantial TB ;)

    it's .03 ctw per diamond ( i think)for a total of 1.6 cts. G colour VS2

    haha I love my clover bracelets :graucho: definitely a favorite to wear!
  9. This is what came home with me today and i think I will live careless through all your purchases for the remaining of the year.

    Most of jewelry are white metal and a watch that is two-tone. Presenting to you 18kt YG w/ 3.22ctw of 14 stones and .23ct per stone.

    Here is layering piece w/ dbty bracelet.
  10. This is an impulse buy .. A dbty necklace from a local jewellery store ... love love love it!!!

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  11. Not really a purchase as it's an early birthday present but I wanted to show it anyway! This pendant by Fendi with the first letter of my name.

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  12. Yea...those damn bales can be trouble. Good luck and post a pic.

    Stunning, as usual!

    Just gorgeous and a great idea to get rid of unused diamonds!!!
    Love the band...looks great with your fabulous e-ring!

    Love the 2 together!
    You've been busy :graucho:

    WOW...looks great on you!
    What size are each diamond? Really good size!

    Happy Birthday!
    Is this a charm, too? I'm looking for something to go on a bag as a charm.
    Love this!
  13. Yes they can, lol! I probably wouldn't have bought a couple of my pendants if I'd known what a headache it was going to be to find a substantial chain that would actually fit them. I don't feel secure with super-thin chains, or this task would've been a lot easier. My new chain *should* be here today or tomorrow.
  14. My new Cartier Love necklace. Very comfortable for everyday wear!

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  15. Love your new Cartier necklace Pamella, is it WG or YG?