What is your last Jewelry purchases?

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  1. That's beautiful! I have been looking for a tb like that, can I ask if it's more or less than $10k?
  2. This TB is small in ctw so the price is only a fraction of $10k. $10k budget will give you a lot of nice option in larger stone.
  3. That sounds very pretty. Love to see pic when it's arrived.
  4. this sounds beautiful! do you have the link to the etsy seller? :smile:
  5. You should google it:biggrin: it is very cool silicon jewelry made into heirloom shapes in a rainbow of colors!!! It is by two Thai designers.. I am completely smitten;)
  6. Thanks:smile: Here is a pic of the cuff...
  7. Newest purchase...Tiffany & Co 10mm Bead Bracelet
  8. diamond hoops and a gold chain
  9. Beautiful!!! Love the last picture with your rings and other bracelet. May I ask where you both get them from?
  10. [​IMG]


  11. Thanks for sharing! Congrats! It's a great piece for everyday wear and could be layering too. Enjoy!

  12. Thank you Myrkur! My other bracelet is a custom dbty bracelet w/ 3 diamonds is made by the same jeweler who custom made my ering as well. He is a local jeweler and has awesome craftmanship
  13. Yum Yum! They are great dainty pieces with sparkles. It goes well with your other piece. Nice and I love them.
  14. Here is my latest purchase as promised:

    It is solid rose gold with 9 tiny diamonds. I am extremely happy with it:smile:
  15. its really pretty! it looks great on you :biggrin:

    this makes me want my birthday present to be back from being lengthened sooo bad!!!!

    can I ask for the link to the etsy seller?