What is your FAVORITE piece of Jewelry?

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  1. I can't pick only one. A lot of my jewelry was given to me by my husband so much of it has sentimental value. The pieces I love the most are not the most valuable but they're priceless to me. I can't possibly narrow it down to one.
  2. I have three absolute favorites: Celtic cross, diamond tennis bracelet that I bought with an small (?) inheritance from an aunt, and 1.10 carat Tanzanite ring that my parents gave me for Christmas in 1969. It was in white gold, I had it reset in yellow gold in 1984 and then reset again in white gold in 1997.
  3. asscher and mine cut
  4. my diamond tennis necklace and matching earrings that my brother gave me for my wedding... i LOVE it, makes me feel like a princess every time i put it on!!
  5. My favorite is a single pearl on a gold chain that my boyfriend got me for my birthday last year...
  6. I have many pieces of fine jewelry and costume jewelry, but my favorites are these three that I wear all of the time:

    A gold plated necklace with a star of David pendant. I received this from my boyfriend as a "just because" gift.

    A sterling silver and 14k gold heart bracelet from my parents. I received this for my 24th birthday!

    A 14k gold filigree ring from my grandmother as a Christmas gift.
  7. Currently...it's my Pandora bracelet :smile:
  8. My favorite piece is not necessarily the prettiest one I have, but, somebody gave me the idea of having my wedding ring and dh wedding ring into matching earrings. They were able to keep the inscriptions on the inside too. They look really pretty and they are just super special to me. My other favorite is my Tiffany heart that my sweet friend DebSmith had made for me with 10.22 (my anniversary date on it). I wear it on a chain with my hubbys fingerprint charm and never take it off. I guess as much as I love bling, jewelry with special meaning is what I love most :heart:
  9. ^^ Love that the idea of your earrings Pursie...they sound SO special. Do you have pics?

    I love David Yurman rings and of them all I would say my turquoise oval is my favorite.

    I also love my e-ring...can't skip that one since I just got an upgrade.:graucho:
  10. After my wedding and engagement rings, I would have to say this necklace:


    It's a vintage squash blossom necklace that my grandfather bought for my grandmother. My mom grew up in a ranch family, and my taciturn rural lawyer/rancher grandfather had a surprising love for collecting Southwest Indian jewelry at the various craftsman fairs as well as art in Taos, back in the day.

    So I love that it's a family piece that my mom and grandmother wore before I did and I love that my grandfather found it. . . and I love that it's fairly unusual in its turquoise stones and structure. (It comes with a bracelet and earrings, too, but I wear those less.) Only downside to it is that it's quite heavy and doesn't always sit right on certain shirts, especially when you're carting a toddler on one hip!
  11. Thanks Ahertz. :heart: I'll post pics tonight :yes:
  12. wow that is a beautiful piece.:heart:
  13. I would have to say my watches are my favorite. I'd love to have a favorite ring but I'm just not in love with any of them. Some are sentimental too but just not my style at this time in my life.
  14. Can't just pick ONE piece! My E-ring, wedding ring and anniversary ring, and of course my three stone Harry Winston right hand ring!!!
  15. ^ It's hard to pick just ONE for me! I love all the jewelry DH got me!!! E-ring, wedding band from Tiffanys, anniversary 3 row diamond ring, solitaire stud earrings, 12ct aquamarine ring on a diamond band, diamond butterfly earrings, 14ct pair of lemon quartz drops earrings...