What is your FAVORITE piece of Jewelry?

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  1. Picture as promised...Our wedding rings made into earrings. All of the interior engraving was left in tact. "All my love" 10-22-88 :heart:


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  2. They would be my favorites, too, Purse-Ooooh. It's a lovely idea. They're beautiful.

  3. Thank you GnomeNisse!! :crybaby:
  4. I couldnt pick really...
    Most of my jewles were a emotional buy...like for a pick me up or it was just really artistically pleasing (I consider jewelry art) or for the vibe thing that jewels are thought to give out...

    So they are all equal, with no significant sentimental value either, now that I think about it....
  5. Really so unique and unusual! Plus and wonderful memory to be able to wear everyday. :heart:
  6. It is very special, how did you guys come out with this idea? That is smart! I saw some people wear their rings as a pendents, but have never seen earring before!
  7. Cool idea!
  8. Well, here is the thing. After my hubby passed away, it took me a while to even think about taking my wedding ring off.:crybaby: It was so incredibly emotional for me. Kind of made everything feel so final. Sure, I could have kept it on as long as I wanted to, but, my thought was that it was holding me back from healing and moving on like my dh would have wanted. So, a friend of mine suggested that I make earrings out of them. That way I could still wear them anytime I wanted and not feel weird about it. So, the jeweler made them for me and the cost of the gold he cut from each band pretty much covered the cost to make them.
  9. Incredibly beautiful idea! What an amazing way to honor both of you.

    My favorite piece are my pearls.
  10. Those are lovely.
  11. amazing
  12. that i own? hmmm? my hermes kelly double tour. i wasnt really feeling it when my bf first got it for me, but ive been wearing it all the time lately. and of course my new VDAY present, my Tiffany Etoile eternity band in platinum
  13. My wedding band and My newwwwww Cartier love bracelet :heart:
  14. I love jewelry in general so its hard to pick just a few but my favorite pieces are my diamond mop dial Rolex and my diamond studs and my David Yurman diamond Metro ring because it has a lot of sentimental value.
  15. my hand picked diamond stud earrings, I rarely wear anything else!
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