What is your FAVORITE piece of Jewelry?

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  1. My Cartier YG Tank Francaise is up there among my faves, but the most meaningful piece I have is a religious pendant, a colorful medal of St. Benedict. The pic below looks just like mine. I wear it nearly every day because it means so much to me!

  2. My Kwiat 3.5 carat studs and I have a one of a kind, platinum ruby and diamond heart by Bony Levy that I just love
  3. my engagement ring and wedding band-they make me smile every time. it reminds me of our love story...
  4. My favorite piece(s) are my Van Cleef vintage alhambras!

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  5. My juicy couture "glam" bracelet, I got last year, it is sold out everywhere.
  6. I so-o-o-o wish I could name just ONE favorite! But I can't . . . I love 'em all.
  7. I love my LinksofLondon "sweetie" bracelet.
  8. My favorite piece of jewelry is definately my Mikimoto pearl strand. It's so beautiful and organic... it just has the look and feel that no other gemstone seems to match, no matter how big and sparkly. :sweatdrop:


  9. Definitely my engagement ring

    2nd favorite is my diamond tennis bracelet
  10. Vintage marcasite rose ring my grandma gave me that was a gift from her best friend who died before I was born. It was actually her best friends mother-in-law's ring and has been dated back to the early 1900's. I have a lot of other designer jewelry worth a lot more money but nothing can replace this puppy.
  11. I love my Pandora bracelet. I have charms that are really sentimental to me, like initials and birthstones for my daughters' births, a heart for my wedding day, and little house from when we purchased our home. It's a pretty piece of jewelry, and it means something, too. I buy most of my Pandora Charms at Yaya's because they have a great selection and the service is good.
  12. It's so hard to decide! Some pieces have sentimental value or are family heirloom and irreplacable. I wear white gold mostly. I love my vintage diamond stud earrings, I wear them in my second piercings every day. They are 1/2 ct each and were my grandmothers. I also wear my 1/2 ct. white gold & diamond hoops every day too. My engagement ring is a three stone oval setting with baguettes on the sides, with a raised 1/2 ct. center stone. Nothing overpowering, but still very pretty!
    My newest piece is my new right hand ring made out of my grandmother's diamond...verrry blingy! (See my other thread for pics)
    But, the most treasured is a black rectangular onyx intaglio ring in rose gold. The intaglio is of a buck (my family name) and was my great-great grandfather's. My dad gave it to me several years ago before he passed. He wanted me to have it because my two older brothers don't wear jewelry and I've always loved that ring, it represents a rich family history. I wore it for a while after he passed, in his memory, them put it away last year for fear of damaging it. It will go to my son (the only grandchild) when he is old enough to appreciate it. :cool:
  13. My engagement and wedding band
    My roadster I love it!
    My omega too! and my diamond hoops I can't live without them!!
  14. My favorites are the jewelry that make an impact, that are comfortable and I can wear consistently without taking them on and off.
    so those would be:
    my rose gold diamond initial disc necklace
    my judith ripka turquoise rhapsody necklace with SS and 18K gold with a diamond
    any of my stud earrings (yellow diamond, blue diamond, amethysts)
    my SS Gherochristo aquamarine ring
    JR necklace.jpg