What is your FAVORITE piece of Jewelry?

Ooh, I cannot pickjust one. I LOVE my wedding ring and then the diamond/sapphire ring my husband bought me for having the twins and I REALLY love the diamond tennis bracelet I got last year for Mother's Day! I LOVE it all!!!
Right now I am looking at Dior's Coeur Leger ring in all diamonds. It is on the Dior website....the video of the collection got me obsessed with this ring. I think I may get it!:love: ....I love my bobbles! I am waiting for the Dior here to receive it from Beverly Hills. There are only 3 in the Country, SO excited to see it IRL!
hmm... i love my diamond studs i think they are so classic and it would be pretty close between them and my favorite necklace its a thick woven rose gold shain with two small diamond rings one in rose gold and one in white
My taste in jewelry is really simple...I love and want this:

Simon G. Flower Ring in Rose/White gold with Pink and White Diamonds...
My wedding ring is my favorite as well. Sadly my dad died right before we got married and at the time I just could not get into the whole ring thing...(now that is true depression as I love my jewels) so my husband bought me a new one for Xmas. It is my new love! (next to him ofcourse) its 4 carat cushion cut with yellow diamonds all around it and diamonds all around the band. He was lovely enough to buy the stone and let me design the setting. SO after a few trips to Chicago to my dream of a jewler...wa laaaa a dream made into reality. (now I'm ready for a 5 ) damn it! that will for sure be a few years away! its set in platnium..I would post a pic BUT the pic shines allllll wierd on the stone..anyway...I dont talk about it much so its nice to share!
Sound like we have the same cars...so lets take a limo and have lots of room for bags AND martinis between shops!!! Wow that sounds fun! The last question would be where.....NY, Chicago, Swtizerland, CA....I'm ready!