what is your all time favorite watch?

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  1. I l:heart:
  2. I specialize in Rolex, cartier and the more unique vintage pieces but I do like fun, cheeky watches as well. This one is hilarious:
    "Bunny Sutra" Swatch
  3. tag heuer
  4. I currently have a DKNY mesh watch and I'm in love with it. But if I get a new one, I would get a coach scribble watch witn changable faces. They are so cute!!!
  5. A Raymond Weil watch, shown in the pic

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  6. I'd love a Tiffany watch because the look is exactly what I like.

    BUT. I just bought a fairly simple Citizen Eco-Drive & I LOVE it!

    I have a problem with watch batteries...apparently they can't live on me so I thought this non-battery watch was just what I needed & I love it! :smile:
  7. High-end: Cartier

    Affordable: Bulova
  8. I LOVE Cartier, I have a Cartier Francaise and Santos, I'm jonesing for the pink Roadster and what I really want is the SS Panthere mid size - I am having the hardest time finding that watch! :blink:
  9. Cartier Tank
    Hermes H-Our
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. I have a Movado that I love...but once I save more money I'd love to get a rolex, omega or tag.
  12. I am the same way! I have about 10-12 watches and they all die at the same time. It costs me as much to replace all the batteries as it would be to buy a new one. Hubby says I need to consolidate down to the watches I wear all the time and sell the rest. I agree...but I have a cheesy Simba watch...I can't let goooo!!!! It's so lame!
    I'm trying to actually just go with only one watch that will 'go' with everything....so I'm thinking a nice stainless steel or gold watch should do the trick.
  13. I owned 2 Tag watches for many years and THEY WERE GREAT
    Rolex (LOVE LOVE I got it last year New)
    J12 by Chanel (1 black and 1 white and very HOT looking for casual dressing)got these this month
  14. Cartier