what is your all time favorite watch?

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  1. Rolex, Paugat (sp?), Chopard
  2. A Cartier or a Rolex.
  3. Movado, Invicta and Adee Kaye-inexpensive fun styles!
  4. At the moment, I've got a Rip Curl watch... I love it to pieces!:love: Its nothing flash at all! It just tells the time and gives me the date.... I've got a TISSOT watch which i got for my 21st b-day but hardly wear it because I'm SO scared i'll ruin it! My lifestyle is quite casual, so i'm quite happy with my Rip Curl watch...

    My fav brands would be:
    Cartier :heart:
    Tag Heuer
  5. Chanel :heart:
  6. Omega and Cartier.
  7. for now, Seiko watches.. have three of them.. maybe another brand after I graduate from school...
  8. Compared to you all, I'm the cheapie. I quite enjoy Swatch, they're fairly inexpensive and resilient (Swiss :love:) and Calvin Klein when I want something a little more particular looking.
  9. I hear ya mama....I'm thinking I'm getting a little too old for it too! I'm just sentimentally attached to it! In the near future I think I need something a little bit more professional looking :smile:
  10. Sounds like Cartier is a fave here on the board!

    BTW all of you have excellent taste!!!!!
  11. audemars piguet
  12. chopard
  13. I have a Rolex, Breitling, and Michele...love them all! Oh and a Tag w/rubber strap for play...
  14. cartier
  15. Gucci or Bvlgari for when I actually have to look decent...:biggrin:

    Diesel or Freestyle when I can ruin them...it is safe to assume these
    are the ones I wear! Oh...have to be able to handle deep water!