What is the ultimate starter every day bag from Hermes?

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  1. Hello everyone! Until now, I have only been purchasing scarves, small accessories and clothes from Hermes. Things are about to change though because of a "job upgrade" and I feel like I need an elegant new work bag to match! I have seen two very attractive options at my local Hermes store: The Atlas and the Victoria bags! The two are stunning and practical, yet there is a thousand pound difference between the two. If there are other elegant yet discreet options, let me know! I am looking for a bag that will not necessarily steel the attention in the boardroom as I don't want to make others uncomfortable with my shopping addiction lol! Any suggestions?

    Also, I did check that both fit my large agenda as well as my daily essentials!
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  2. Perhaps you may wish to consider the all leather Garden Party. It's very easy to carry, beautifully made (of course), and perfect for the office!
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  3. The Evelyne might be good, too. You can wear the H facing your body if you don't want people at work to see it.
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  4. ITA. Leather Garden Party is elegant and understated.
    The Victoria is also a very chic under the radar H bag (I have been ogling it, myself :P)
  5. Paris Bombay - the large one that is more roomy tote but with a zipper. Kipp has a thread somewhere on it.
  6. i wonder this too, but for a smaller starter bag... following this thread...
  7. i think for starter bag, i'd suggest the Garden Party as well.

    however, between the two you mentioned, I'd go for Victoria. The smaller size Atlas still seem a bit awkward to me. perhaps other tpf members who have it may provide us with some fabulous modelling shots?
  8. I would say the Garden Party, especially the all leather!
  9. I would say the Victoria.
  10. couldn't agree more-and I get compliments on mine everywhere I go!
  11. I'd suggest you start with a black birkin/GHW straight - a choice you won't regret. :smile: Leather wise, togo is practical, and many other options.
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  12. I'll suggest either the Garden Party or the Victoria. Both are very chic options that are classic and under-the-radar. I won't go with the Atlas because I find the design not very Hermes somehow? HTH!
  13. I'd go for the Victoria. It's lowkey like the GP, but somehow more elegant, KWIM? It's definitely the next bag I'm going for, after my Picotin
  14. One more option that came to mind - 35 black retourne kelly/PHW, . It is very under-the-radar, yet elegant.
  15. Garden is the perfect way to get started.. classic and discreet and very stylish..

    under the radar...
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