What is the last handbag you bought? Share a photo with us!

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  1. I'm most defintely a rebel :lol:
  2. Received it less than 2 weeks ago! So versatile, I love it
  3. Looks beautiful! It's a clutch with a chain, right? Does those the pieces inside come with it or have you bought them separately? I'd assume the latter, as that would be too good? :blush:
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  4. Wallet on chain - yes! And the pouch and card wallet come with it, which made my decision a lot easier ;)
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  5. Oh wow, that IS too good!:eek: And they are removable from the WOC too, and not attached, are they?
    Would you mind sharing the name, and possibly the price, of this WOC? :blush:
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  7. IMG_5935.JPG IMG_5936.JPG my new to me Rebecca Minkoff Bryn
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  9. A brand I’ve never paid much attention to, which is Oroton. But under a new designer and this new collection makes me want everything.

  10. Y’all are making me crazy with these terrific bags. I love this Oroton as well!
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  11. IMG_9573.JPG

    Zadig & Voltaire Bag, not a colour or size that I would normally buy, it was on sale on the website, it, looks prettier IRL
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  12. Such a cool bag! And loooovvvveeee that strap!
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  13. Do you wear this on non Thursdays?
  14. I've been wearing it almost daily :lol:
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