What is the last handbag you bought? Share a photo with us!

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  1. Chanel City Shopping Tote in black caviar with ruthenium hardware. :love: C44D29B9-93C7-474F-A91D-38A3FA827431.jpeg
  2. 536D805C-51B1-4BCC-93C7-84321433E852.jpeg
    Special order tote from Just Campagne-Paris
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  3. Tiger of Sweden Proclus hobo. An early bday present from me to me and I love it.
  4. MCM Liz tote in Cognac. I love her! 20190207_100304.jpg
  5. image.jpeg Just happened to get this off the LV site after searching a while for it.
  6. #4071 Feb 8, 2019
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    My new summer bag, the Simon Miller Bonsai 30. :smile:
    IMG_20190205_210412.jpg IMG_20190205_212531.jpg
  7. Two purple bags!
    BV and Balenciaga.
    bottega veneta BV cervo loop hobo anemone purple008a.jpg balenciaga velo bleu lavande006.jpg
  8. Medium Lady Dior in red for my 35th birthday and just in time for Valentine’s Day IMG_1108.JPG
  9. IMG_1219.JPG

    First bag of 2019!
  10. Gucci Backpack! :girlsigh:
    3136FB33-740B-48DE-9971-7073E8935677.jpeg 0F75ACF4-4FAB-4379-A345-0786BB766B28.jpeg
  11. Small Pandora , can't wait to get it :happydance:
  12. LV Speedy 30
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  13. Alberta Ferretti Tote Bag!
  14. This bag made me smile! Haha.
    Will this be a thursday only-bag, or do you have more of a rebel nature?
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