What is the last handbag you bought? Share a photo with us!

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  1. A light blue Dior Diorama with a couple accessories to match :smile:

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  2. Another Lauren Ralph Lauren tote :loveeyes: (I already have a black one like this)
    IMG_8640a.jpg IMG_8649a 1.jpg
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  4. My two new l’il sparklers, a Bottega Veneta chain wallet and mini Montebello. For the many evenings when an all-out clutch would be too much, and a day bag would be too little. I love their geometric designs, lack of logos, and subtle beauty.

    IMG_1688.jpg IMG_1689.jpg
  5. From clearance on Saks Off 5th, my Steven Alan Kate crossbody, which can convert into a backpack as well. I love it so much.

    Steven Alan crossbody.jpg
  6. Moreau Vincennes tote from Barney’s 78E673B0-A3AA-4D0F-B22C-C271932CE0C5.jpeg
  7. My first Mulberry! A small Hampstead tri colour! 20190125_121511.jpg
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  8. That color!!!!
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  9. She is fierce!!
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  10. This blue is stunning!
  11. I'm addicted to Coach Hippy Flap which is vintage at this point. Thanks to eBay, I managed to find a few rare colors brand spanking new. I purchased all on the same day while in route to Puerto Rico ;) The bag at the end is a lovely stell grey, can't wait to pair it with business wear. 02042019DSC_3227.jpg
  12. Longchamp Le Pliage Club Tote

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  13. This color is amazing!!!
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  14. Chanel City Shopping Tote in black caviar with ruthenium hardware. :love: C44D29B9-93C7-474F-A91D-38A3FA827431.jpeg
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