What is the last handbag you bought? Share a photo with us!

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  1. So I was just chatting with a friend and realized I haven't bought a new bag in a LONG time! I had to think about it long and realized I haven't bought a new bag at all in 2015, which is kind of crazy for me. I have a lot of bags that I want, but we bought a house last year and a house sure is a money drain!

    But I want to hear from you all, what is the last bag you bought?! Share a picture with us!! :graucho::cool:
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  2. My husband bought himself a vintage guitar and I bought a new purse-mine's lighter...!
    guitar and siena.jpg
  3. Mine is the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour toy-size in electric pink. I know a lot of people don't care for these super tiny bags, but I love them and haven't stopped wearing it since I received it.
  4. I have been expanding my horizons by buying one premier bag a year. Last year was Gucci; this year it's Chloé. I bought this Marcie at Saks in Atlanta this past weekend.
  5. The Coach Nomad in True Red. A pic is posted under Coach in the Nomad clubhouse.
  6. My beloved Chanel boy bag in my profile pic!
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  7. LV Stephen Sprouse Roses Pochette

  8. The last bag I purchased is a Disney Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke bag directly from Disney. It's on the way to me now so I'll post pics as soon as it arrives.
  9. Mulberry oak nvt bayswater double zip tote:
  10. Back in June, I bought this bag at an outdoor arts festival from a local husband-and-wife company. I love the chevron pattern with the red stripe, and you can just barely see a peek of the red interior with white dots. I promptly forgot about my leather bags and carried this one every day all summer. :smile:
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  11. It's not here yet, but a bespoke Massaccesi violet Athena. I am not afraid of color, and to me this will be an all season color.
  12. Marly in black calf leather ... Got this back in aug so over not having outside pockets and this one has 4! Not being greedy here lol

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  13. My last bag purchase was in June. A medium Selma in dark dune....
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1445301115.093519.jpg

    I finally bought a Céline Micro early September and I'm still using it every day. I love this bag so much I can't see my other bags getting a look in for a very long time.
  15. My last bag for a while, my dream Hermes Kelly Retourne 35cm! It was a declined special order with contrast stitching on Etain Togo GHW. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1445305995.213376.jpg