What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!

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  1. Mono speedy 25
  2. Black Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote.
  3. RM Purple Haze 3 zip MAC.
  4. finally breaking out of my coach rut with my LV mono speedy 25.
  5. lanvin cuir tente sac pochette
  6. RM Distressed Black Darling
  7. versace

  8. frick&frack you make this thread so much fun when you post pics of your "bag of the day...which inspires me to post mine...(and im lazy when it come to taking pics of my bags..:biggrin:

    :useless: imo
  9. chanel caviar tote today
    love this bag
  10. ^simply GORGEOUS & classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha...you're too funny! I know...taking pics can be a PITA. but then I think, you only have to take them once! I agree with you that it's much more fun to actually see everyone's bags!

    I haven't taken pics of all my bags yet. it's so hot outside right now, & I like to take them outside to get the true color. :sweatdrop:

  11. lol...exactly...:biggrin:
    thx u:flowers:

  12. I'm going on vacation, so I'm using my go-to bag...LV Mono Neverfull MM
  13. RM MAC teal.
  14. Black Bally shoulder bag with gold hardware and my *NEW* black Bally wallet that I picked up today!
  15. Valentino Nappa Bow Tote!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.