What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!

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  1. Today I'm carrying my Alexander Wang Black/Brass Rocco:love:
    AW black 006.JPG
  2. I'm still using my pink Nannini.

  3. prada

  4. Kira in bordeaux -


    The leather is super soft...
  5. enjoying my Hermes Jypsiere again... and again... and then again.:yahoo:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. RM stone 3 zip rocker
  8. ^ Lovely modeling pic, love your dress!

    Spendaholic, your pink Nannini looks so soft and slouchy, love it!
  9. IMG_2739.JPG
    back to my tignanello
  10. Today

    MK python satchel
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  11. Today's bag is my MBMJ PTTM Natasha in black! :heart:

  12. Balenciaga Rouge Theatre City :love:
  13. ghall, you have fantastic style! Love the dress and the belt, they are smokin'!

    I am carrying something simple & very comfortable today for errands: my new red Mandarina Duck Cross-body that I picked up in Spain. :heart:

    (Sorry, no pics yet!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.