What do you tell people who ask why not buy a fake?

  1. I've never been asked that. Hate to think how I would control my answer...
  2. While i also have never been asked, I think I would go with something along the lines of "I'm not funding terrorism, and although some might not know its fake, I would."

    And then of course I'd likely go off on some rant about how they are classics that are worth saving for and if people can't afford it, then they shouldn't wear one... and that its none of their business!:yes:

    (I personally just don't understand buying fakes, especially when we all know that there are some are lovely brands such as coach, dooney and burke or tano that aren't as expensive but are nice as well!)
  3. Fakes are tacky, poorly made, and support illicit activities.
  4. One person did say to me that I am crazy paying the money for authentic when you can buy great fakes. I wasn't pleased but I simply said that I would rather do without than carry a fake, I also mentioned how the industry was connected to illegal activities!
  5. I'll say :
    Wait till you own and have an authentic LV on your arm...
    The feeling is tons better!
  6. Wow today at work this lady was yelling at one of my Service Desk people so they called me over to assist. So I'm there talking with her to calm her down and start talking about little things just so she could simmer down. And I mention my new phone, then she mentions iOffer. I told her I don't trust that site, and she was like
    "OH NO! I trust them 100% I buy all my bags there. Like those three hundred Coach purses, I get them from China for like $30. They are real too and I think they look better than those Louis Vuitton ones"
    I was like :wtf:!!!! Since I was at work I had to be nice and respectful and just said "Oh cool". Oh my goodness I almost wanted to laugh right then and there. haha
  7. That's a polite reply. I like the way you put it.
    For me, I would say real ones are better in quality.
  8. "Bitter" nah just smile at them...
  9. I live in Baltimore, a city FULL of fakes. Personally I'm against them and everytime a girl brags about her fakes (and this happens alot, and its not just bags either), I tell them the same thing... expensive bags are expensive for a reason...status, something special to covet, not to mention workmanship that should last forever. Carrying around a fake anything is just pretending. Its not special, its cheap. Another reason I hate fakes is because I'm a designer and I know how horrified I would be if someone started copying and making money off of something I put my hardwork into designing. Tho that argument never works, the first one at least makes them shut up. In all truth there are so many women out there who don't care real or fake, they just don't get it. They think...this bag is just like the one Nicole Ritchie, or whoever has and I'll be cool like her if I have one and it only cost me $30. alot of people truly believe a fake is just as good as the real thing. You can say whatever you want, sadly it doesn't ever make a difference.
  10. i just read some more of your posts. I always forget about the supporting crime part of fakes. From now on I'm just gonna say "I don't support terrorism or drug dealers" lol, is that too harsh...:graucho:
  11. lol i tell pple, when they ask me "is that real", nop its fake. the fact is, u shouldn't care what others think about you.
  12. To answer your question, I probably wouldn't say anything, maybe "hmmmmm"... because I think ignorant people are difficult to educate.
    But, to sum it up, I think authentic is better quality. That pretty much sums it up for me.
    And, I appreciate the originality of things.
  13. Yeah, I totally don't get bragging about fakes. You wouldn't go around saying, "You know, I can't afford a real diamond so check out my big-a$$ CZ." So why on earth would you make the exact same statement about your handbag????
  14. If it is from a family member, I'll probably will politely says "i buy thing for longer period and the real one will stand over time, and if it doesnt, did you know that you can still bring it to LV and have them fixed? "

    if it is for others, i probably will say, "It is a gift (a gift from me to myself, but i didnt say that), so i have no choice, haha"
  15. I tell people its the real deal or none at all...my conscious wouldn't allow me to purchase an item that what fake - I would feel false. If I were to carry a fake I would be worrying that someone would point out that I was carrying a fake.