What do you tell people who ask why not buy a fake?

  1. I just bought my first LV (mono papillion 30). When I showed it to an older family friend, she said "My fake LV's zipper handle looked nicer and way cheaper. Why buy a real one? You should have bought a fake". What would you say to that???
  2. I haven't had anyone tell me that.

    If someone was to tell me that, I would probably tell them I only buy the real deal or I don't buy anything at all.
  3. If it were me personally, I would have said, "I hate fake stuff" "plus that fake stuff is made by people who smuggle it over" "also, if you compare the two side by side, there is NO mistaking the FAKE" and then smile sweetly and walk away!!!!
  4. I know someone who'd probably say.. "I'm not the type of person who funds terrorism..."

    I'm pretty clueless about fakes funding terrorism so if it were me and the family friend wasn't someone that I could offend, I'd say.."Because I like perfection, it's just more classy"

    I don't have an LV as of yet though.. Lol!
  5. Well... someone asked me if mine was fake (because they have no clue what is real/fake) and I said: 'You know me... would I carry something that is fake'. HELLO... the fake ones last about a month and fall apart... NO THANK YOU!!:cursing: Why waste your money on buying fake when you can save and buy a real one ?
  6. Part of the reason I love my LV's so much is because I know they are 100% authentic. I don't support the manufacturing and selling of fake bags, because it's not fair to the company and to the people who actually save up for the real ones. I'd rather not carry one at all, than carry a fake one.
  7. I would say: It is not fair for the people who make fakes (working conditions), the designers etc. It is stealing someone else's creation and hardwork. I rather not have the purse if it is fake.
  8. well i get pretty mad when ppl say that to me , i find it insulting and why say theat to me when im clearly so happy. say i say" because fakes are discusting and so are you ! you mean cow!!! i lose all my class when i get mad
  9. I prefer to support companies that pay their workers a living wage.
    I wouldn't buy any fake bags.
  10. i iwll tell them that if u cant afford real stuff. do not embarass yrself by buying a fake...:yes:
  11. I would rather buy an authentic item than nothing at all. There's no feeling like having a real LV!
  12. someone actually said something on a fake is nicer?? on a funnier note- I bought my mom a large red signature business carryall (Coach) for xmas and my grandma said "is that a fake?" I of course said no and then she said "how do u know" I told her i went to the store to buy it...THEN she said "no one would know. buy fake. especially those LV's"...which are my vice...

  13. ^^ I agree. I like it how LV is made by craftsmen who are provided a livable wage, too. It's reflected in the quality and lasting durability of the brand. Because of this, my husband actually understands why I buy LV and not some cheapy cheapy stuff that is massed produced under terrible working conditions.

    That and honestly, I'd feel too much like a "poser" (do young people say that word anymore??) if I wore a fake. :sad:
  14. I usually tell them that if I can't afford the real thing then I rather just carry an ordinary leather purse. I wouldn't be caught dead carrying fakes.
  15. I like to tell people "Nothing about me is fake".