What do we think about YSL Chyc Cabas?

  1. Hey all,

    I keep going back and forth on this bag! I saw it in black and Nordies, and I go back and forth on this bag, the color etc.

    Also, for those of you that have it, do you ever shoulder carry it?

    I am trying to figure out if it is just too big/slouchy? Seems so pretty to me...
  2. I do not have it, but it looks like hand carried would look the best. I saw some photos as a shoulder bag and it does not look right to me.

    however, the YSL add has it as a shoulder bag and looks great.

    Here you have 30ish photos of celebs wearing it in different ways, and hand held looks really classy


  3. I like it, but if I may confess, I saw it on a particular celeb and my lust for it dialed down to zero :sad:
  4. ^Nicky Minaj? LOL
  5. I did not see all the photos, and is it me, or does almost every one of those pics have the brown bag? A few black, but mostly brown...pretty bag. I hope more colors start trickling in....

    What celeb are you referring?? Inquiring minds want to know what made you NOT want it...lol:smile:
  6. I like it!! I wish it came with a shoulder strap though.
  7. I really like it in pictures, but haven't seen it in real life. It might be my next purchase-I am looking for a hand held neutral bag.
  8. i love it.. its in my wish list modalusia has an electrical blue one which is tdf.. i think its more prettier carried by hand rather than shoulder!
  9. It's such a elegant and chic bag...I bet it'll go with EVERYTHING!
  10. I love it. The Houston location has it in Magenta (love!) and leopard (love love!)....
  11. This bag is beautiful in the cobalt blue. Do you think this color would be considered trendy or classic years from now?
  12. depending on your wardrobe

    I bought emerald Fendi when it was in so many years ago, and again it came back few years ago....in cycles

    however, since I have muted, neutral wardrobe, I can carry it every year and it look like a classic pop of colour

    I think the shape of this bag will always be a classic, and this amazing cobalt pop of colour will depend on your style...I'd say classic
  13. I love colored bags for just that reason "pop of color" to my wardrobe. I have a couple of fuchsia marc jacobs bags and purple chanel bags but nothing this color blue. The black is so elegant. Maybe I could get a black easy and the blue in chyc cabas :graucho:or the other way around.
  14. I think easy in black is the most elegant of all, other colours are more casual in easy style, and cabas tote in black is somehow too serious, blue would be a great contrast to its business look, and even if you wore it as a business tote, it would really pop as stylish
  15. That's something to keep in mind.

    You have a lovely handbag collection!