What are your thoughts on bleu colvert?

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  1. Agree - love this color
    Looks so elegant against black
    A wonderful and much more special black bag alternative
  2. Beautiful!!!
  3. Thank you and you have a good memory, my friend :hugs:.
    I always liked Blue de Prusse, so it was no surprise I like Colvert too.
    After I made the hard decision to turn down that beautiful Grizzly Kelly a few months ago, my SA thought I might would like this one. And he was right :biggrin:.
  4. Hey you, long time no see, hope all is well :hugs:.
    And thank you, glad you like it :biggrin:.
  5. Love no hater at all
  6. :hugs:

    Thank you, I have been living in the 'land of NOInternet' :biggrin:. Back for a while, so I'll be in touch with the living again.

    Your new Kelly is so fabulous, so glad you went for Madame Colvert. You can wear this colour with nearly everything in your wardrobe.
  7. Well at least when there is no internet, there's no Purse Forum, so no temptation :lol:.

    I mean, I got this Colvert which works with a lot of my wardrobe indeed, and what do I see when I check in on the forum last weekend? A matching Colvert gator CDC from another PF member :nuts:. This place is going to be the end of me some day :graucho:.

    We do need to catch up when you have some more time :hugs:.
  8. Dark, bold and beautiful IMO.
  9. sorry, I'm not a fan
  10. Love it!
  11. I'm torn about this color. I ended up getting a Colvert CDC with rose gold hardware and thought I would love it since the color is so close to my Bleu de Prusse Birkin but have yet to even wear it out yet. So I think with the right outfit, it would look great but I have yet to find one in my wardrobe to match!
  12. Wasn't sure about Colvert when i was offered a K32 last year. It was my first Kelly and blue was not at the top of my list. However, now, I love it more everytime I use it! The special color looks different scenarios. It's a very elegant blue!
  13. Love Colvert!!! I have a CDC in this color and it goes surprisingly well with everything.
  14. I think that it is one of the prettiest colours - interesting and special, but still neutral if you know what I mean.
  15. I'm thinking of getting a kelly 32 in colvert togo leather.
    I like the color but I'm not sure if it is one that it is easy to combine.
    So I would really appreciate the opinions of colvert owners!
    Is it a bag that you use easily and often or do you always have to think how to combine that color?
    Thanks a lot for your help!