What are your thoughts on bleu colvert?

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  1. Love it or hate it? Can you wear it with navy??
  2. I'd definitely wear it with navy & black....and I love it, but I might not get a workhorse, everyday bag in it.
  3. I love it, but I am biased :graucho:.
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  4. Love it!
  5. I just got a Colvert K32 and I absolutely love it. It totally goes with denim and navy.
  6. I love it. I'm waiting for one now.
  7. Sorry to be the unpopular opinion, but I prefer other livelier blues.
  8. Not a huge fan of it...BUT when I saw it in shiny croc.. I nearly passed out! Beautiful!!
  9. I wan't sure about Colvert before, but love it now. I have a covert/blue sapphire belt kit. It looks great with navy.
  10. Looooooove it !!!! Definitely one of the best blue Hermes made IMHO. So versatile.
  11. Is this new?
    Beautiful !!
  12. It's an extremely popular colour here on TPF but sadly I'm not a fan :shame:
  13. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. Passed on a K in it.
  14. Hi dear *waves* :biggrin:. Hope all is well with you.
    Yes, this is my newest H. bag - have her for a few months now, but she is making her debut on PF today :biggrin:.
    It's a very versatile color. I do think I need a matching CDC though, in Colvert gator please :P:tender:.
  15. Well of course you do!
    Stunning blue! I know you have been waiting for a blue Kelly-
    And she is worth the wait